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Does Paul Mitchell have a color line?

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Paul Mitchell is one of the most popular and well-known haircare brands in the professional salon industry. The company was founded in 1980 by Paul Mitchell and John Paul DeJoria with a focus on creating high-quality hair products using premium ingredients. Over the past 40+ years, Paul Mitchell has grown into an internationally recognized brand that is sold in over 100 countries worldwide.

One of the things that sets Paul Mitchell apart from other professional haircare lines is their comprehensive color offering. Paul Mitchell does have an extensive color line creatively named Paul Mitchell Color. The Paul Mitchell Color line includes permanent hair color, demi-permanent color, gloss, glazes, toners, lighteners, and more.

The Paul Mitchell Color line is specially formulated to provide salon-quality color results and protect hair during the coloring process. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Paul Mitchell Color line, the products it includes, and what makes it stand out compared to other professional hair color brands.

Paul Mitchell Color Line Overview

The Paul Mitchell Color line consists of over 60 different products that enable stylists to perform a wide range of hair coloring services in the salon.

Some of the main categories and product lines within the Paul Mitchell Color offering include:

– Permanent Cream Color – This is Paul Mitchell’s signature permanent hair color line. It’s available in over 100 rich, vibrant shades and provides maximum gray coverage and lasting color results.

– Demi-Permanent Color – Paul Mitchell DEMIs give hair shiny, translucent color with less commitment than a permanent shade. They come in over 60 intermixable shades.

– Color Protecting Glosses and Glazes – These transparent gloss and glaze treatments help seal in color, increase shine, and protect colored hair.

– High Lift Color – Paul Mitchell’s High Lift shades lift and deposit color in one step. They’re ideal for lightening hair up to 4 levels without the use of bleach.

– Toners – The Paul Mitchell toner range includes both permanent and demi-permanent options for toning or refreshing color between salon visits.

– Lighteners – Paul Mitchell offers powder and cream lighteners for achieving lighter shades by lifting the natural pigment.

– Color Concentrates – These ultra-concentrated pigments can be mixed with lighteners, glosses, or conditioners to customize color.

– Color Care & Maintenance – This line includes at-home products like shampoos, conditioners, and styling products designed to keep color looking vibrant.

Paul Mitchell Color Ingredients

One reason the Paul Mitchell Color line delivers such beautiful, healthy-looking results is because of the high-quality ingredients used to create the products. Some of the key ingredients include:

– Patented Protein Reconstructing Complex – This complex helpsRebuild and reinforce weakened hair from the coloring process. It contains hydrolyzed wheat protein and hydrolyzed yeast protein to penetrate the hair and protect it from damage.

– KeraColor Pigments – Paul Mitchell hair colors are made with premium KeraColor pigments to provide rich, shiny, long-lasting color. The pigments have a low molecular weight so they can deeply penetrate the hair for vibrant results.

– Conditioning Agents – Ingredients like nourishing orchid extract, vitamin E, and jojoba oil condition hair and add a protective lipid layer to lock in moisture and color. This helps prevent dryness post-coloring.

– Antioxidants – Paul Mitchell Color products contain antioxidants like vitamin C and CO-Q10 to neutralize free radicals and prevent color fade caused by environmental factors.

– Sunscreens – Many Paul Mitchell Color formulas contain sunscreen ingredients like octinoxate and octisalate. This helps shield hair from UV rays to keep color looking brighter longer.

Paul Mitchell Color Line Benefits

There are many great reasons salon professionals and their clients love using the Paul Mitchell Color line. Here are some of the key benefits this professional-grade color line provides:

– Salon-Quality Results – Paul Mitchell Color is designed to deliver professional, salon-worthy color results, from natural-looking enhancement to dramatic transformations.

– Healthy, Shiny Hair – The nourishing ingredients and built-in conditioners leave hair ultra-soft, shiny, and healthy-looking after coloring.

– Maximum Gray Coverage – The permanent cream colors provide excellent gray coverage even on the most stubborn gray hair.

– Long-Lasting Color – Paul Mitchell’s fade-defying technologies like protein reconstructors and antioxidants keep color vibrant for weeks.

– Customizable Color – With intermixable shades, toners, concentrates and more, stylists can easily customize the perfect color for each client.

– Ammonia-Free Options – Some Paul Mitchell Color formulations are ammonia-free for a gentler formulation that reduces odor and scalp irritation.

– Versatile Mixing System – Stylists can intermix shades, dilute with Clear Mixers, or use Color Concentrates to create unique, custom color.

– Easy Application – The professional Paul Mitchell Color formulas have a nice creamy texture that applies cleanly and evenly for foolproof application.

Paul Mitchell Color Collections

Within the Paul Mitchell Color portfolio, there are several collections or sub-lines that cater to specific color needs and hair types:

Awapuhi Color:

– Paul Mitchell’s signature salon hair color line
– Over 100 shades ranging from blacks and browns to reds, blondes, pastels, and more
– Provides 100% gray coverage and lasting color results
– Uses keratin and Awapuhi extract to condition hair
– Fragrance options: Original, Fragrance Free, or 9+

NEONS Collection:

– Vibrant, fashion-forward neon shades like Neon Pink, Neon Purple, Neon Blue, etc.
– Provides high color vibrancy even on light level 9-10 hair
– Lower peroxide volumes work well to protect hair’s integrity

XGTM Color:

– Extra Gentle collection designed for sensitized hair
– Uses monoethanolamine (MEA) instead of ammonia for a gentler formulation
– Rich permanent hair color with up to 99% gray coverage
– Ideal for clients with sensitivities to traditional permanent color

Creative Color Release:

– Paul Mitchell’s seasonal Creative Color collections
– Limited edition ranges with innovative, on-trend shades and techniques
– Past collections include Neon, Denim, Mystic Ocean, Lilac, and more
– Allows stylists to create latest seasonal color trends for clients

Blondes Collection:

– High lift shades, toners, and maintenance products designed for blonde hair
– High Lift Gold series lifts up to 4 levels in one step without bleach
– Platinum Toners banish brassiness and yellow tones on icy blonde hair
– Purple Shampoo neutralizes yellowing and keeps blonde hair bright

How Paul Mitchell Color Is Different from Box Color

While Paul Mitchell Color provides salon-calibre color services, it’s quite different from the do-it-yourself box color options available at drug stores. Here are some of the key differences:

Paul Mitchell Color Box Color
High quality, professional salon hair color formulated for cosmetologists Mass-marketed formula not created for licensed stylists
Over 100 intermixable permanent shades Limited pre-made shade choices
Custom-blended color and personalized service One-size-fits-all approach
High-end ingredients like keratin, antioxidants, UV filters Relies on common hair dye ingredients like peroxide, ammonia
Advanced fade-fighting color technologies Shorter lasting results, fades faster
Expert technique for precise application Self-application often leads to mistakes
Can lighten, tone, correct, or enhance existing color Better for full all-over color with no lifting
In-salon professional consultations and recommendations No personalized guidance from a colorist

As you can see, the Paul Mitchell Color line provides a much more customized, skillfully conducted coloring experience versus attempting to color your own hair at home. Visiting an experienced Paul Mitchell colorist ensures you’ll get beautiful, healthy, long-lasting color tailored exactly to your hair and preferences.

Signature Paul Mitchell Color Techniques

Paul Mitchell’s education courses teach stylists special techniques and applications to get the most out of Paul Mitchell Color. Here are some Paul Mitchell signature coloring services you can request at the salon:

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Color Gloss: A translucent gloss layered over hair colored with Foam Color to seal in vibrancy.

Paul Mitchell Digital Flash: Uses lightener and toners in tandem with foil highlighting to create soft, natural dimension.

Paul Mitchell Contrast Color: A multi-dimensional technique using two complementary Paul Mitchell Color shades in an ombré or color-melt effect.

Paul Mitchell Color Melt: Blends together permanent, demi-permanent and gloss shades for seamless, melted ombré color.

Paul Mitchell Neon Ombré: Using Neons Collection shades to create vivid, radiant ombré color that fades gracefully.

Paul Mitchell Color Sculpting: Combines highlighting, placement foils, and toner applications for beautiful bespoke color.

Paul Mitchell Color Maintenance & Take-Home Products

To help keep your salon color looking stunning in between appointments, Paul Mitchell offers a complete range of take-home Color Care products.

Some of the most popular Paul Mitchell Color Care products include:

Awapuhi Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner: Address fading and hydrate color-treated hair.

Color Protect Locking Spray: Veil that locks in color and protects from UV rays.

Color Protect Daily Shampoo & Conditioner: Gentle cleansing and conditioning for delicate color-treated hair.

Heliqa Soy Complex Curl: Defines curls and enhances shine without stripping color.

Dye Magnet Spray: Draws loose dye molecules back into the hair before washing.

Color Protect Reconstructing Treatment: Fortifies and prevents damage in fragile, colored hair.

Using professional Paul Mitchell Color Care products between salon visits helps keep your color true and prevents fading so you can wait longer in between coloring services.


Paul Mitchell offers a wide assortment of professional salon hair color products under their Paul Mitchell Color line. The line includes permanent, demi-permanent, high lift, toner, and creative fashion color options.

Paul Mitchell Color provides salon clients with healthy, gorgeous, customizable color results. The products are formulated with high-end ingredients that nourish hair and defend against fading. Paul Mitchell educates stylists on signature coloring techniques to maximize the performance of their color line.

So if you’re looking for beautiful, professional hair color with a healthy finish, consider booking an appointment with a Paul Mitchell colorist. Their expertise and use of premium Paul Mitchell Color products can give you the vibrant, shiny locks you’ve been dreaming of!