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Does oVertone really work on brown hair?

Does oVertone really work on brown hair?

oVertone is a popular hair coloring conditioner that claims to deposit semi-permanent vibrant colors into hair without damaging it. It comes in a wide range of fun, fashionable shades and is marketed as an easy way to try new colors without the commitment of permanent dye. But how well does it actually work, especially on brunette hair?

Many brunettes are curious if oVertone can effectively cover brown hair and how long the results will last. Since brown hair is darker than blonde or gray hair, achieving a bright, saturated result with any semi-permanent color can be challenging. There are also concerns about whether the conditioner will stain hair or fade unevenly.

To understand if oVertone works for brunette hair, we’ll look at the following key questions:

How does oVertone work?

oVertone contains direct dye molecules that coat the outer cuticle layer of the hair. Direct dyes are large pigment molecules that cannot penetrate into the hair cortex the way oxidative haircolor does. Instead, direct dyes stain the surface while the existing melanin undertone still influences the final result.

The main active ingredients in oVertone are isopropyl alcohol to swell the cuticle and allow dye entry, along with propylene glycol as a dye delivery system. It does not use ammonia, bleach, or peroxide.

The company recommends leaving oVertone on for 10-15 minutes under a shower cap for best results. Instead of rinsing immediately, they advise letting the hair air dry to allow more dye fixation before the first wash.

Can oVertone cover brown hair effectively?

Covering brown hair with semi-permanent color is more difficult than lighter shades because of the greater amount of underlying pigment. Brunette hair contains warm eumelanin tones, which can make it more resistant to deposit-only dyes.

However, oVertone can still show up and add vibrant hues on brown hair. The results appear more sheer and translucent than on blonde or pre-lightened hair. Dark brunettes may only see a tint of color, while medium and light brunettes will notice more saturation.

To boost color payoff on brown hair, oVertone recommends starting with clean, dry hair and applying extra conditioner. Leaving it on longer, up to 30 minutes, allows more staining to occur. Repeated applications boost the intensity of the color result.

What color options work best for brunettes?

oVertone offers a wide selection of colors from natural copper red to mermaid blues and purples. For brunettes, it’s best to choose a shade that contrasts with your natural tone to make the color pop.

Here are some of the oVertone shades that work well on brown hair:

Natural Hair Color Best oVertone Colors
Dark brown Vibrant red, Extreme Purple, Blue Black
Medium brown Crimson Red, Cranberry Red, Forest Green
Light brown Sunset Orange, Ginger, Extreme Blue

In general, darker brunettes will see more noticeable results from richer berry tones like cherry red, while lighter brunettes can pull off brighter reds, oranges, blues, and greens. Pastel shades tend to look very subtle on brown hair.

How long does oVertone last on brunette hair?

On average, oVertone results last 4-6 weeks on brown hair when used according to directions. However, there are several factors that affect longevity:

– Natural hair color – Darker hair holds the dye better than light brown shades

– Porosity – More porous hair absorbs more semi-permanent color

– Frequency of washing – Frequent shampooing fades the color faster

– Use of hot water – Hot water accelerates fading compared to lukewarm

– Exposure to sun – UV rays degrade direct dyes

To make the color last longer, avoid daily shampooing, use cooler water, and touch up the roots every 2-3 weeks. Adding an acidic rinse like apple cider vinegar after washing can also seal in more color.

Does oVertone damage hair?

The main advantage of oVertone over permanent hair dye is that it conditions hair while depositing color. The formula is free of bleaches, ammonia, and peroxide that damage hair over time.

The company states that oVertone is safe for all hair types including colored, relaxed, and previously damaged hair. It does not penetrate the hair shaft so it cannot alter the structure.

However, some users report dryness after repeated use, likely from the alcohol content. It’s best to deep condition weekly and avoid overlapping applications to maintain healthy hair.

How to remove oVertone from hair

Since oVertone is a semi-permanent direct dye, it gradually washes out over time but cannot be removed instantly. To speed up fading:

– Shampoo frequently with a clarifying or anti-residue shampoo

– Wash with hot water to open cuticles and release dye molecules

– Use a baking soda and anti-dandruff shampoo mixture

– Try a vitamin C treatment to oxidize the color pigments

– Repeated bleach baths can help lift direct dye deposits

Keep in mind color removal is gradual and may take 4-6 weeks of frequent washing. Be patient and avoid overprocessing hair.

Before and after photos

Here are some before and after photos of oVertone results on brown hair:

As you can see, oVertone adds vibrant color on top of brown hair. The vibrancy depends on your starting shade and application method.


oVertone can deposit fun, fashionable colors onto brunette hair through direct dye staining. While the results appear more sheer compared to lighter hair, you can achieve a noticeable tint by choosing the right shade for your base and repeating applications. oVertone lasts up to 6 weeks on brown hair as long as you avoid frequent shampooing. It conditions hair in the process and won’t cause damage like permanent dyes. Overall, oVertone is a great semi-permanent option for brunettes looking to experiment with color safely.