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Does mustard yellow go with purple?


When it comes to fashion and interior design, determining which colors go well together can be tricky. Mustard yellow and purple are both bold, bright shades that make a statement. But do these colors complement each other or clash? As an SEO writer assistant, I will analyze this color combination and provide some quick answers upfront.

Mustard yellow and purple can work nicely together, but it depends on the shades chosen and how they are styled. More muted tones tend to pair better than neon versions of these colors. Combining complementary or analogous shades usually results in a more harmonious look. Accessories can help bridge the gap between two loud colors. Overall, this color duo is eye-catching and vibrant when done right.

The Color Theory Behind Mustard Yellow and Purple

To understand if mustard yellow and purple go together, it helps to look at some basic color theory principles. Here are a few factors to consider:

Color Wheel Placement

On the traditional RYB color wheel, mustard yellow is a warm yellow-orange shade that falls between yellow and orange. Purple, on the other hand, is a cool secondary color located between red and blue. These colors are complementary, meaning they are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. Complementary color pairs tend to create high contrast and vibrant visual effects.

Color Temperature

In terms of color temperature, mustard yellow is warm while purple is cool. Warm shades like yellow contain more red-orange undertones and give a heated, energetic impression. Cool shades like purple contain more blue undertones and feel more calming and relaxed. Combining a warm and cool color can create visual interest through contrast.

Color Context

The perceived relationship between two colors can shift depending on the colors around them. Mustard yellow may look more modern and bold alongside grays and blacks. Deep jewel purple can feel traditional and elegant next to creams and pale pinks. The surrounding colors impact how mustard yellow and purple interact.

General Tips for Combining Mustard Yellow and Purple

When pairing mustard yellow and purple together, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Use muted and dusty shades – Deep mustard and pale lilac create a more subtle, blended look than neon versions.
  • Add a neutral third color – Gray, white, or brown helps soften and bridge the two bold colors.
  • Repeat colors in accessories – Ties, scarves, shoes, and bags can pull the palette together.
  • Layer lighter over darker – Lilac layered over mustard yellow minimizes vibrancy.
  • Use analogous shades – Combine mustard yellow with red-purples rather than blue-purples.

Avoid using equal proportions of both colors in close proximity. The high contrast can strain the eyes. Instead, choose one color to dominate and use the other sparingly as an accent.

Mustard Yellow and Purple Color Palettes

Here are some examples of mustard yellow and purple palettes that work well together:

Mustard Yellow and Lilac

Mustard Yellow Lilac White

This soft pairing features muted shades of mustard and light purple paired with crisp white. The neutral brightens the palette and lets both colors shine. Use this combo for a feminine, romantic aesthetic.

Mustard Yellow and Eggplant Purple

Mustard Yellow Eggplant Purple Charcoal

Earthy mustard and rich eggplant create an elegant, upscale look when grounded with charcoal gray. The gray helps tone down the bold colors. Use for formal events or black tie affairs.

Mustard Yellow and Plum Purple

Mustard Yellow Plum Purple Ivory

Vibrant mustard and deep plum pack a bold punch. The ivory white helps lighten the mood. Use this fun combo for modern graphic prints.

Mustard Yellow and Purple Fashion Examples

Here are some ways to stylistically combine mustard yellow and purple clothing and accessories:

Mustard Yellow Top with Purple Skirt

Pair a mustard yellow blouse with an eggplant purple A-line midi skirt. Add nude heels and a white handbag to bridge the colors. This look is chic for both work and weekends.

Plum Purple Blazer with Mustard Yellow Dress

Elevate a solid mustard yellow shift dress with a tailored plum purple blazer on top. Finish with purple tights and mustard yellow booties for a pulled-together fall outfit.

Mustard Yellow Suit with Lilac Blouse

For a modern business casual outfit, wear a tailored mustard yellow pantsuit with a light lilac button-down top underneath. The purple feminizes the bold suit.

Mustard Yellow Shoes with Purple Dress

Add a kick to any little black dress with a pair of mustard yellow heels. The vibrant footwear complements deep jewel purple hues especially well.

Mustard Yellow and Purple Interior Design

Here are some tips for incorporating mustard yellow and purple into home decor:

Mustard Yellow Accent Wall with Purple Decor

Use mustard yellow as a dramatic accent wall in a sitting room or bedroom. Add pops of purple with throw pillows, area rugs, curtains, and other accessories.

Mustard Yellow Sofa with Purple Throw Pillows

Liven up a neutral living room with a bold mustard yellow sofa as the main furniture piece. Layer on purple and lilac throw pillows to tie the palette together.

Mustard Yellow Headboard with Purple Bedding

Make the bedroom pop with a mustard yellow upholstered headboard. Dress the bed in eggplant or lilac sheets, shams, blankets, and accent pillows.

Mustard Yellow Dining Chairs with Purple Table Setting

Create a vibrant dining space with mustard dining chairs around a wooden table. Usepurple napkins, candles, centerpieces and other details to finish the look.


Mustard yellow and purple make a lively color combination when used strategically. Muted shades tend to work better than their neon counterparts. Adding neutral tones helps soften the high contrast. Use one color more dominantly and the other as accents. Incorporating analogous shades creates a more harmonious effect. Accessories like scarves, pillows, and shoes can pull these colors together. With the right styling, mustard yellow and purple can make a bold, beautiful statement.