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Does lavender and blue go together?

Lavender and blue are two popular colors that are often used together in interior design, fashion, and graphic design. But does this color combination really work? In this in-depth article, we’ll examine the visual relationship between lavender and blue, look at examples of them used together, and provide tips on how to successfully pair these hues.

The Color Theory Behind Lavender and Blue

On the color wheel, lavender and blue are located right next to each other. Lavender is a light purple that leans towards blue, while blue can range from bright sky shades to deeper navy hues. Since these colors are analogues, or neighbors, they naturally look appealing together.

In color theory terms, lavender and blue are a complementary pairing. Complementary colors sit on opposite sides of the color wheel and create a strong visual contrast when combined. But because lavender contains hints of blue, it blends beautifully with all shades of blue and mitigates the high contrast you’d see with true purple and blue.

Examples of Lavender and Blue Together

Many interior designers, fashion designers, and artists leverage the harmonious relationship between lavender and blue in their work. Here are some examples across different industries:

  • A bedroom with light blue walls and accents in lavender like pillows, area rugs, and art.
  • A spring outfit combining a solid lavender top with blue jeans or skirt.
  • Blue and white china patterns with small touches of lavender flowers or scrollwork.
  • Abstract paintings with splashes of blue and lavender acrylic or watercolor.
  • Wedding color schemes using different shades of blue and lavender for the bridesmaid dresses, invitations, decorations, and bouquets.

The key is balancing the lavender and blue hues so one doesn’t overpower the other. Often a lighter tint of lavender contrasts nicely with a deeper or brighter blue. Monochromatic looks incorporating different blue shades also tend to work well with a pop of lavender.

Tips for Combining Lavender and Blue

When pairing lavender and blue together, keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose lavender and blue hues with similar undertones. Cooler tones work best together, like periwinkle and lavender.
  • Add contrast with lighter lavender and darker blue which creates visual interest.
  • Use lavender sparingly as an accent color against an overall blue backdrop.
  • Incorporate pattern and texture like stripes, florals, or soft fabrics to build depth.
  • Add a neutral third color like white, gray, or soft yellow to make the lavender and blue pop.

Lavender and Blue Color Palettes

Here are some recommended lavender and blue color combinations:

Color Palette Description
Pale lavender, baby blue, white Soft, airy palette reminiscent of spring skies and flowers
Vivid violet, navy blue, pale yellow Bold contrast for modern, graphic looks
Lilac, denim blue, dove gray Muted cool tones for relaxed, casual aesthetic
Orchid purple, steel blue, charcoal Sleek, sophisticated combination for formal events

The light or dark intensity of the lavender and blue can be adjusted to create an energizing or calming vibe. Flowing from light to dark lavender down to midtone and then dark blue creates a harmonious ombré transition.

Examples of Lavender and Blue in Design

Let’s look at some specific examples of lavender and blue used together in interior design, fashion, and other areas.

Interior Design

In home décor, light blue walls serve as a perfect background for lavender accents. Table linens, pillows, and fresh flowers provide pops of lavender to complement the blue foundation. Paler shades keep things airy and relaxed, while bolder hues create drama.

Design Concept Color Combination
Nursery Baby blue walls, lavender crib bedding, white furniture
Master bedroom Pale blue walls, duvet cover mix of blue and lavender floral print, white nightstands
Dining room Deep blue walls, eggplant purple table runner, clear glasses


In clothing and accessories, blue jeans, shoes, bags, and jackets serve as perfect partners for tops, dresses, and embellishments in lavender tones. These color combinations evoke a romantic, feminine aesthetic.

Outfit Concept Color Combination
Casual spring look Light lavender T-shirt, medium blue jeans, white sneakers
Cocktail party ensemble A-line lilac purple dress, navy blue heels, silver clutch
Formal wedding guest attire Deep purple maxi dress with blue floral print, blue statement earrings

Graphic Design

For posters, websites, logos, and other graphic design work, contrasting shades of lavender and blue lend vibrant, eye-catching style. Lavender often works best for accents against a blue background.

Design Project Color Combination
Content website Light blue header and footer, lavender buttons and headlines
Event flyer Navy blue background, lavender text and filigree borders
Company logo Royal purple brand name, powder blue icon design

Balancing the lavender and blue color ratio creates visually appealing designs that integrate the two hues.

Tips for Decorating with Lavender and Blue

Here are some top tips for stylishly incorporating lavender and blue into home or office décor:

  • Use a blue area rug as a foundation and introduce lavender with pillows, throws, vases and tabletop accents.
  • Paint built-in bookshelves or display cabinets a bright blue and style with lavender boxes, books, and objets.
  • Choose an abstract canvas print featuring splashes of blue and lavender for the focal point of a room.
  • Mix different lavender and blue patterned fabrics for curtains, upholstery, and accent chairs or stools.
  • Display blue and white china with touches of lavender in a curio cabinet for a vintage vibe.
  • Create your own artwork or floral arrangement combining blue hydrangeas and lavender sprigs.

Aim for a balanced distribution of the two colors, rather than going overboard on lavender accents. Let blue anchor the room while allowing the energizing pops of lavender to elevate the look.


Lavender and blue undeniably complement each other beautifully across interior design, fashion, graphics, and other fields. Their harmonious balance on the color wheel allows even bold shades of each hue to intermingle seamlessly. From the softest baby blue and lilac to electric cobalt and vivid purple, this is a fail-safe color pairing to consider for your next design or décor project.

Skillfully blending lavender and blue creates tranquil, inviting spaces with just enough contrast for visual interest. You can tailor the mood from romantic to modern to rustic using different saturation levels. Keep the principles of color theory in mind, stick to analogous cool-toned hues, and then have fun testing out different purple and blue combos.

So does lavender and blue go together? Absolutely. When thoughtfully combined, these two complementary colors are a match made in design heaven.