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Does Jennifer Aniston have blonde or brown hair?

Jennifer Aniston’s signature hair has long been a topic of fascination among fans. The actress rose to fame playing Rachel Green on the hit sitcom Friends, where her layered shag haircut became known as “The Rachel” and sparked a worldwide hair trend. But even today, many fans find themselves wondering – does Jennifer Aniston have blonde or brown hair?

Jennifer Aniston’s Natural Hair Color

Jennifer Aniston was born with brown hair. Her natural shade is a medium brown, as you can see in some childhood photos of the star. However, Aniston started lightening her hair early on in her career and has maintained varying shades of blonde for decades.

Highlights and Lowlights

Although Aniston keeps her hair a blonde hue, she relies on highlights and lowlights to create dimension and depth. Highlights involve lightening small sections of hair to create a sun-kissed, multi-tonal look. Lowlights do the opposite – adding darker pieces of hair throughout. Aniston likely gets highlights every 6-8 weeks to maintain her color.

By using both highlights and lowlights strategically throughout her mane, Aniston is able to keep her hair bright blonde but avoid a flat, monotone look. The mix of shades gives movement and shape to her hairstyle.

The Evolution of Jennifer Aniston’s Hair

While Aniston has remained loyal to blonde hair for most of her career, the specific tone and style has evolved over the decades:

  • Early 1990s: Aniston had golden blonde, big hair with lots of layers and volume.
  • Mid 1990s: Her hair on Friends was a strawberry blonde shade with a layered, wavy shag cut.
  • Early 2000s: She went for a brighter, lighter blonde with the iconic “Rachel” haircut.
  • Late 2000s: Aniston kept her blonde but in a smoother, more polished style with loose waves.
  • 2010s: She shifted to a warmer golden blonde tone with medium length layers.
  • 2020s: Her current long, loose waves are in a bright blonde shade.

While the specific tone and cut may change, Aniston always returns to golden blonde as her color of choice after any hair experiments.

Jennifer Aniston’s Blonde Hair Care Tips

Maintaining blonde hair, especially such a light shade, can be challenging. Here are some of Aniston’s best tips for keeping blonde hair healthy and vibrant:

  • Use a purple shampoo once a week to neutralize brassiness and keep the blonde bright.
  • Rely on deep conditioning treatments to boost moisture.
  • Protect hair from UV rays by wearing a hat in the sun.
  • Get regular trims every 6-8 weeks to keep ends healthy.
  • Use leave-in conditioners and hair masks to add hydration.
  • Limit heat styling tools to reduce damage and fading.

How Jennifer Aniston’s Hair Has Influenced Pop Culture

Aniston’s iconic hairstyles over the years have truly made an impact on pop culture and beauty trends. Here are some of the biggest ways Jennifer Aniston’s hair has influenced fans globally:

  • “The Rachel” – Her layered shag on Friends sparked millions of copycat haircuts in the 90s.
  • The “Aniston” – Today her long, beachy waves are inspiring current hair trends.
  • Trendsetter – Aniston’s consistent blonde locks established her as a hair icon and influencer.
  • Business Ventures – She’s launched her own hair care line, LolaVie, featuring blonde-friendly products.
  • Most Requested – Aniston’s hair remains one of the most requested celebrity hairstyles by women at salons.
  • Inspiring Nickname – She’s been dubbed “The Queen of Golden Blonde Hair” thanks to her signature shade.

Clearly, Jennifer Aniston knows a thing or two about achieving (and maintaining) beautiful blonde hair. Her gorgeous locks have been admired by women around the world for decades. Even today, Aniston remains a hair muse for her cool blonde shade and effortless California style.

How Often Does Jennifer Aniston Dye Her Hair?

To keep her blonde hair looking flawless, Aniston gets regular touch-up appointments with her colorist every 5-8 weeks. This helps avoid visible regrowth and keeps the blonde vibrant. While the exact frequency varies, Aniston likely gets her hair colored once every 6-8 weeks on average.

In addition to all-over color, Aniston also gets highlights and lowlights added throughout her hair at these appointments. Highlights require more frequent upkeep than a single process color. The lighter pieces tend to grow out and fade more quickly than the underlying base shade. Regular highlight appointments are key to help maximize Aniston’s multi-dimensional color.

What Products Does Jennifer Aniston Use on Her Hair?

Jennifer Aniston relies on salon-quality haircare products to nourish her blonde strands. Some of her go-to products include:

  • Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Olaplex Bond Maintenance No.5 Bonding Treatment
  • LoLAVie One Night Dry Shampoo
  • LoLAVie Glossing Detangler
  • LoLAVie Perfecting Leave-In
  • Neutral Protein Filler by Redken
  • Kerastase Masquintense for Thick Hair

Aniston also gets regular Olaplex treatments at the salon. Olaplex is a professional-grade bonding treatment that repairs damage and protects hair structure. For styling, she relies on easy-to-use products like texture spray and soft hold hairspray to boost volume and movement.

Does Jennifer Aniston Do Her Own Hair?

While Aniston can certainly handle her own day-to-day styling, she has her longtime hairstylist and friend Chris McMillan cut, color, and style her hair for major events and projects. McMillan has worked with Aniston since the 1990s and continues to be her go-to hair guru.

For high-profile appearances like red carpets, press tours, and photo shoots, Aniston always has her glam squad on hand. But she also knows how to blow dry, add waves, and touch up her color herself when needed between appointments. It’s a versatile style that works for both celebrity events and casual days.

Jennifer Aniston’s Haircare Line

After decades of struggling with damaged hair, Aniston decided to launch her own haircare line called LolaVie in 2021. According to Aniston, LolaVie is “born out of my own personal experience with products that didn’t measure up.” She worked with experts to develop clean, vegan-friendly formulas ideal for color-treated hair.

Some of the brand’s hero products include:

Product Key Benefits
Glossing Detangler Detangles, primes, protects color-treated hair
Perfecting Leave-In Smooths, strengthens, boosts shine
One Night Dry Shampoo Refreshes hair overnight, absorbs oil
Perfect Hair Day Shampoo Gently cleanses without stripping hair
Perfect Hair Day Conditioner Softens, smooths, strengthens hair

The collection also includes conditioning masks, styling spray, and hair supplements. Aniston’s golden blonde strands serve as the perfect advertisement for the products she’s created.

Does Jennifer Aniston Have Extensions?

Aniston has naturally thick, full hair – but sometimes adds clip-in extensions for extra length and volume. Extensions allow her hairstylist Chris McMillan to create longer styles, braids, up-dos, and extra drama when desired for major events. The extensions seamlessly blend with Aniston’s signature hair color and texture.

Her go-to extension brand is Great Lengths, which she’s used for many years. The human hair extensions can be reused and last months with proper care. But when her hair is worn down in its signature loose waves, those tend to be all Aniston’s natural mane.

Jennifer Aniston’s Grey Hair

At 53 years old, Jennifer Aniston continues to keep her hair free of grey hairs. She relies on consistent color appointments to cover any greys that come in between salon visits. However, Aniston has said she won’t dye her hair forever.

“I’m not gonna lie – I don’t want grey hair,” she told InStyle magazine. But Aniston also shared, “I’m going to stop dyeing my hair at some point.” While embracing grey hair may still be years away, it seems Aniston will eventually let her natural greys grow in down the road.

Jennifer Aniston’s Blonde Hair in Movies

Jennifer Aniston’s blonde locks are so iconic that they almost feel like a character of their own in every role she plays. Her hair has made major impressions in popular movies like:

  • Along Came Polly – Her sunny blonde shaggy waves stole scenes in this 2004 rom-com.
  • The Break-Up – Aniston’s golden blonde layers perfectly captured the 2006 film’s melancholic tone.
  • He’s Just Not That Into You – Her shiny blonde lob cut stood out in this 2009 star-studded flick.
  • Horrible Bosses – Even disheveled, her platinum blonde mane charmed in this 2011 comedy.
  • We’re the Millers – Her messy blonde waves suited her character Rose in the 2012 movie.

Clearly Aniston’s versatile blonde locks allow her to seamlessly transform for any film role. Her hair has become as recognizable as her famous face on the big screen.


Jennifer Aniston has become a hair icon thanks to her signature blonde style. While brown is her natural color, golden blonde shades have been Aniston’s color of choice since finding fame. Strategic highlights and lowlights bring dimension to her flattering haircut. She puts effort into maintaining bright, healthy blonde locks even today. Aniston proves that blonde hair can be stunning at any age. After decades in the spotlight, Jennifer Aniston’s hair remains beauty inspiration for women everywhere.