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Does green and blue match for wedding?

Does green and blue match for wedding?

When it comes to picking out wedding colors, one of the most common color combinations is green and blue. But do these two colors actually go well together for a wedding? Here is a detailed look at whether green and blue is a good wedding color palette.

The Meaning Behind Green and Blue

Before deciding if green and blue pair well together for a wedding theme, it’s helpful to understand the symbolism and meaning behind each color:

  • Green is associated with nature, growth, renewal, and harmony. It represents a fresh start and new beginnings.
  • Blue represents tranquility, openness, wisdom, and loyalty. It is sometimes seen as a calming and peaceful color.

With green representing new starts and blue representing tranquility, they can complement each other well when combined. The green introduces the celebratory, fresh feeling of a marriage, while the blue brings a sense of calmness and harmony.

Green and Blue in Nature

In nature, green and blue are commonly seen together. The earth is full of green plants, shrubs, trees, and grass. The sky presents a rich blue backdrop. And bodies of water, like the ocean and lakes, are varying beautiful shades of blue and green.

Modeling a wedding color scheme after these naturally-occurring color combinations can create a beautiful, soothing, and organic ambiance. Think light blue table linens paired with green hydrangea centerpieces for a natural yet elegant wedding motif.

Green and Blue Wedding Decor

When using green and blue for your wedding decor, consider using a soft sage green paired with a light powder blue. Here are some ways to effectively incorporate these colors:

  • Sage green table linens with powder blue napkins
  • Powder blue bridesmaid dresses with sage green floral accents
  • Sage green escort cards with powder blue table numbers
  • Powder blue floral arrangements with sage green vases or ribbons
  • Sage green cake separated by powder blue ribbon layers

Aim for a subtle, muted green and blue color palette. This will give you a relaxed vibe rather than something too bold or overwhelming.

Green and Blue Wedding Bouquet

For wedding flowers, there are several options that pair nicely with green and blue:

Green Flowers Blue Flowers
Dendrobium Orchids Hydrangeas
Mums Delphinium
Seeded Eucalyptus Iris
Rosemary Cornflowers

Some green filler options include jasmine vines, ivy, and various greens. Baby’s breath can be added as a neutral accent flower.

To make a blue and green bouquet, use flowers like blue hydrangeas as the focal point and then surround them with green flowers, herbs, and greenery for fullness.

Examples of Green and Blue Weddings

Here are some real weddings that incorporated green and blue in elegant ways:

  • A garden wedding with a powder blue archway surrounded by green shrubbery and white flowers
  • A hotel ballroom with table linens alternating between sage green and baby blue
  • An outdoor ceremony with a hydrangea-lined aisle and sage green chair sashes
  • A vintage wedding with mismatched china in green and blue floral patterns
  • A rustic chic barn with baby blue mason jars filled with eucalyptus stems

These examples demonstrate how green and blue can be mixed and matched to create different wedding styles from classic and chic to boho and eclectic.

Tips for Decorating in Green and Blue

If using green and blue for your wedding, keep these decor tips in mind:

  • Use one color more dominantly. The secondary color should complement, not compete.
  • Incorporate plenty of neutrals like white, ivory, gray, and wood tones.
  • Add metallic accents like gold and silver for a touch of glam.
  • Use lighter, more muted shades for a calm vibe.
  • Repeat your colors throughout decor, attire, flowers, signage.
  • Tie in nature elements like foliage, herbs, branches, and stones.

The goal is create cohesion while letting each color shine in its purposeful place. Neutrals and metallics help green and blue blend together elegantly.

Green and Blue Wedding Invitations

Green and blue wedding invitations help set the tone for your color scheme. Some ideas include:

  • Watercolor design with soft green and blue shades
  • Nautical stripes or anchors using green and blue
  • Green floral wreath framing blue text
  • Blue and green ombre background
  • Green leaves with blue hydrangea accents

A common trend is mixing blue and green watercolor designs. Using white as the base helps the colors pop. Green foil pressed lettering also complements a blue paper stock.

Are There Any Considerations When Using Green and Blue?

While green and blue can make for a beautiful wedding color palette, there are a couple considerations to keep in mind:

  • Avoid Christmas themes: Together, green and blue may evoke winter holiday colors. Steer clear of red accents and pine, holly, or Christmas tree decor.
  • Consider lighting: Green can take on a drab olive tone under yellow lighting. Opt for bright white lighting to keep the green crisp.
  • Watch proportions: Too much green paired with too little blue can look imbalanced. Make sure both colors have an adequate presence.

As long as you avoid overtly holiday themes and watch the lighting and proportions, green and blue can pair quite elegantly for weddings with the right balance.


With their associations with nature, renewal and tranquility, green and blue make for a beautifully soothing and organic wedding color palette when used thoughtfully. For best results, take cues from green and blue combinations found in the natural world and include plenty of neutral tones. Sage greens paired with soft powder blues create a soothing, elegant aesthetic for weddings ranging from classic to vintage, rustic, and beyond. Just avoid holiday themes and watch the lighting and color balances. Overall, green and blue make a versatile pairing that injects weddings with a refreshing yet calming natural elegance.