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Does Goldwell color contain PPD?

Welcome back, readers! Today we’re diving into an important question regarding hair dye safety – does Goldwell color contain PPD? As a leading professional hair color brand, it’s crucial to understand what’s in Goldwell’s products. Keep reading as we break down the key ingredients and analyze if PPD is present.

Goldwell Hair Color Overview

Goldwell is a German hair care company that specialized in professional salon products. They are owned by Kao Corporation, a large Japanese beauty conglomerate. Goldwell offers permanent, demi-permanent, and temporary hair color options.

Some of Goldwell’s most popular hair dye lines include:

  • Topchic – Their flagship professional permanent color
  • Colorance – A demi-permanent color line
  • Elumen – A permanent color that uses plant-based ingredients
  • ColorZoom – Flash coloring for vibrant temporary shades

When formulating their hair dyes, Goldwell aims to provide stable, long-lasting color using quality ingredients. Their colors are designed to achieve predictable, consistent results for professional stylists. Now let’s look at what exactly is in their color formulations.

Key Ingredients in Goldwell Hair Color

Goldwell uses several main classes of ingredients in their permanent, demi-permanent, and temporary colors:

  • Oxidative hair dyes – These small dye molecules penetrate into the hair shaft to create permanent color. They must be mixed with an oxidizing developer to work.
  • Direct dyes – Also called temporary dyes, these large pigmented molecules coat the outside of the hair for semi-permanent color. No developer is needed.
  • Couplers and modifiers – These ingredients stabilize color and affect how it develops on hair.
  • Surfactants and conditioners – These allow the dye to spread evenly and condition the hair.
  • Alkaline agents – These adjust pH to aid dye penetration and development.
  • Antioxidants – These stabilize the color during processing.

Now that we know the main types of ingredients, we can zero in on specific compounds that may be concerning – like PPD.

Does Goldwell Contain PPD?

PPD stands for paraphenylenediamine, an oxidative hair dye used in many permanent hair colors. It can efficiently provide dark, long-lasting color. However, PPD is also associated with causing allergic reactions in some people.

So does Goldwell use PPD in their professional salon hair colors? The answer is no, Goldwell hair dye formulas do not contain PPD. Here are some key facts regarding PPD and Goldwell color:

  • Goldwell uses alternative oxidative dyes such as aminophenols and napthols rather than PPD to create permanent color.
  • Their demi-permanent and temporary colors use direct dyes which never require PPD.
  • Goldwell has reformulated their colors over the years to remove PPD and reduce allergy risk.
  • Their products are PPD-free across all worldwide markets.

While Goldwell avoids PPD, keep in mind their products still contain other potent dye chemicals that may potentially cause irritation or allergic response. However, they tend to have lower allergy rates compared to PPD-containing dyes.

Goldwell Hair Color Ingredients

To provide more insight, here is an overview of key dye chemicals found in popular Goldwell hair color lines:

Goldwell Product Line Key Dye Ingredients
Topchic ME+ and MEA compounds, amino-2-hydroxytoluene, hydrolyzed keratin
Colorance HC dyes, amino-2-hydroxytoluene, hydrolyzed collagen
Elumen Amino-2-hydroxytoluene, MEA compounds, natural pigments
ColorZoom Direct dyes only – HC Red, Disperse Violet

As you can see, Goldwell uses color-boosting ingredients like MEA and ME+ rather than PPD for its permanent shades. For demi-permanent and temporary colors, conditioning direct dyes are used.

Goldwell Hair Color Allergies and Side Effects

Although Goldwell avoids PPD, some risk of allergic reaction remains. Some users may experience:

  • Itchy, irritated scalp
  • Redness, bumps around hairline and ears
  • Swollen eyes or face
  • Runny nose, asthma symptoms

These reactions are more common with permanent rather than demi-permanent Goldwell colors. To help minimize allergy risk, Goldwell suggests:

  • Always do a patch test before full application
  • Read product instructions carefully
  • Avoid getting color on the scalp or skin
  • Rinse thoroughly after application
  • See a doctor if you experience a reaction

Their professional colors are not intended for at-home use but should be applied by a licensed stylist. This provides an added layer of safety and allergy protection.

Goldwell Hair Color FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Goldwell hair dye and PPD:

Does Goldwell permanent hair color contain PPD?

No, Goldwell’s permanent professional hair colors are PPD-free. They use alternative oxidative dyes to create permanent results without PPD.

What ingredients are in Goldwell Elumen hair color?

Goldwell Elumen is a PPD-free permanent hair color that uses amino-2-hydroxytoluene dye along with plant ingredients like soy, jojoba, and witch hazel.

Is Goldwell DEM permanent color PPD-free?

Yes, Goldwell DEM permanent coloring creme is guaranteed to be PPD-free. It uses proprietary ME+ and MEA oxidative dyes.

Does Goldwell Colorance demi-permanent hair color contain PPD?

No, Goldwell Colorance demi-permanent formula is PPD-free. It relies on HC direct dyes rather than p-phenylenediamine.

Is Goldwell Topchic permanent color ammonia-free?

No, Goldwell Topchic still contains small amounts of ammonia to help open the cuticle and deliver dye into the hair. Ammonia levels are lower than some brands.


So in summary – no, Goldwell professional salon hair colors do not contain PPD. The company has reformulated their permanent, demi-permanent, and temporary colors to avoid PPD. While other hair dye chemicals may still pose some allergy risks, avoiding PPD significantly reduces the chances of experiencing a reaction. Always do a patch test before coloring hair with any brand.

I hope this breakdown helps explain if PPD is present or not in popular Goldwell hair color lines. Let me know if you have any other hair dye ingredient questions!