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Does gold shoes go with purple?

Does gold shoes go with purple?

Gold shoes and purple are two striking colors that can look amazing together when styled properly. Combining metallics like gold with rich jewel tones like purple creates an eye-catching look that demands attention. However, the key is finding the right shades and textures to make the pairing work.

When styling gold shoes with purple clothing, there are a few key factors to consider:

Complementary Shades

Choose complementary shades of gold and purple that play off each other nicely. For gold shoes, rose gold, bronze and copper all pair well with purple. For purple clothing, plum, eggplant and wine shades tend to look best with gold shoes. Stay away from clashing tones like yellow gold shoes with bright purple. Instead, go for muted metallics with deep, rich purples.


Consider the textures of the gold shoes and purple clothing. Gold shoes with a metallic patent leather or leather upper work well with matte purple fabrics like wool, crepe or velvet. Stay away from pairing shiny gold shoes with shiny purples, as this can look overly flashy. Having contrasting textures helps the look feel more sophisticated.


Accentuate the gold shoes and purple outfit with accessories in complementary metallics and jewel tones. For example, wear rose gold jewelry with bronze shoes and an eggplant dress. Or carry an amethyst handbag with copper heels and plum trousers. This helps pull the whole look together.

Styling Tips

Here are some styling tips for wearing gold shoes with purple clothing:

Casual Daytime Pair metallic gold sneakers with a casual purple dress or top. Add a denim jacket on top for a relaxed daytime look.
Cocktail Attire Make a statement by pairing gilded heels with a jewel-toned purple cocktail dress.
Bold Evening Look Try head-to-toe drama with a plunging purple gown and strappy gold stiletto sandals.
Toned Down Office Look Keep it professional with bronze loafers, an eggplant blouse and tailored trousers.

Factors to Consider

When deciding if gold shoes work with a particular purple outfit, here are some factors to consider:

  • Match metals and purples – Complementary tones are key for this pairing.
  • Mind the textures – Pair glossy gold with matte purples for best effect.
  • Add purple and gold accessories – Tie the look together with jewelry or a handbag.
  • Consider the occasion – Save super flashy gold+purple for cocktails or evenings out.
  • Aim for subtle and sophisticated – Avoid anything too over-the-top.

How to Style

Here are some specific ways to style gold shoes with different purple clothing items:

Gold Shoes with a Purple Dress

– Ankle-strap heels in rose gold or bronze paired with a jewel-toned purple dress. Accent with gold jewelry.

– Metallic gold sandal wedges with a casual short purple sundress for daytime wear.

– Strappy gold stiletto sandals with an elegant floor-length eggplant evening gown.

Gold Shoes with a Purple Skirt

– Copper-colored Oxford shoes with a bold purple A-line skirt and white button-down top for the office.

– Gold ballet flats with a plum pencil skirt, matching suit jacket and purple pashmina for evenings out.

– Rose gold sneakers with a casual purple tennis skirt and white tank top for weekend wear.

Gold Shoes with Purple Pants

– Bronze loafers with cropped plum trousers and a crisp white blouse for the office.

– Metallic gold brogues with tailored wide leg purple pants and a blazer for cocktails.

– Shimmering gold flats with purple jeans, white t-shirt and jean jacket for casual daytime wear.

Gold Shoes with a Purple Top

– Gilded heels with a jewel-toned purple blouse, black trousers and fur coat for evening events.

– Rose gold ballet flats with a casual purple sweatshirt, white denim skirt and denim jacket for weekends.

– Bronze Oxfords with eggplant turtleneck sweater, gray trousers and overcoat for chilly weather.


Gold shoes can pair beautifully with purple clothing with some careful styling. Stick to complementary tones, consider textures, accessorize accordingly and choose the occasion-appropriate mix of subtle and striking. With the right combinations, this is a showstopping color pairing that makes a major style statement. Just stay away from anything too over-the-top and let the rich metallic and jewel tones speak for themselves.

When thoughtfully styled, gold shoes and purple clothing complement each other perfectly. The mix of warm and cool tones creates visual interest and demands attention. So don’t be afraid to get creative and use gold footwear to make your purple outfits really pop. This striking color combination is guaranteed to get you noticed!

Some key takeaways when pairing gold shoes with purple clothing:
– Complementary shades are key – stick to roses, bronzes, coppers with plums, wines, eggplants.
– Mind textures – glossy gold with matte purples works best
– Accessorize to tie the look together
– Save super flashy mixes for cocktails and evenings out
– Aim for sophisticated rather than over-the-top

With the right styling choices, you can easily achieve a showstopping yet elegant look pairing gold shoes with various purple garments. So embrace these regal colors and get ready to dazzle!