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Does gold go with periwinkle blue?

Gold and periwinkle blue are two colors that complement each other beautifully. Periwinkle blue is a light purplish-blue shade that pairs wonderfully with metallic gold accents. Together, these two colors create an elegant, sophisticated look. In this article, we’ll explore how gold and periwinkle blue work together, provide color combination ideas, and offer tips for decorating with these colors.

The Color Psychology of Gold and Periwinkle Blue

To understand why gold and periwinkle blue make such a great pairing, it helps to look at the color psychology behind each shade. Gold is associated with wealth, prestige, and luxury. It represents quality and opulence. Periwinkle blue, on the other hand, is calming and tranquil. It evokes a sense of spirituality and wisdom.

When combined, these two colors create a look that is both luxurious and serene. The metallic gold adds vibrancy, while the periwinkle blue keeps things peaceful. The gold provides a pop of excitement, while the periwinkle blue lends a soothing touch.

Complementary Color Scheme

Gold and periwinkle blue are complementary colors on the color wheel. This means they are directly opposite each other. Complementary color combinations create a strong visual contrast that grabs people’s attention. However, because the two colors have opposite undertones, they also balance each other out beautifully.

Gold has a warm, yellow undertone, while periwinkle blue is cool-toned with hints of purple. When paired together, these opposite undertones prevent the scheme from becoming too overpowering. The eye is able to rest on one color after taking in the other.

Try Different Shades of Each Color

One of the great things about pairing gold and periwinkle blue is that there are so many shades to work with. On the gold side, choices range from pale champagne to deep amber. For periwinkle blue, lighter pastel shades create a soft powdery effect, while darker hues add drama.

Mixing various gold and periwinkle shades provides depth and dimension. For example, a dark navy periwinkle pops against a light gold, while a vibrant metallic gold grabs attention next to a pale periwinkle. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find the right shade combinations for your space and taste.

Where to Use Gold and Periwinkle Blue

Gold and periwinkle blue make a stunning combination in any room of the house. Here are some ways to incorporate these colors together:

  • Living room – Use metallic gold pillows and a periwinkle blue sofa or accent chair for a glamorous living space.
  • Bedroom – Gold bedding looks dazzling against a periwinkle blue statement wall.
  • Dining room – Gold flatware and periwinkle blue dinner plates create an elegant table setting.
  • Bathroom – Periwinkle blue walls paired with gold faucets and hardware for a soothing, spa-like retreat.
  • Office – Add a touch of luxe with a gold desk lamp and periwinkle blue office accessories.

You can use gold and periwinkle blue throughout the home or focus on one special room you want to give the glam treatment to. This color palette allows for many possibilities!

Home Decor Ideas

When decorating with gold and periwinkle blue, look for pieces that allow each color to stand out. Use metallic gold accents sparingly against a periwinkle blue backdrop for maximum impact. Here are some chic home decor ideas:

  • Frame periwinkle blue artwork with gold frames or mats for a polished gallery wall.
  • Add gold throw pillows, blankets, and table linens to periwinkle blue sofas and chairs.
  • Choose a gold bar cart and stock it with periwinkle blue glassware.
  • Layer a gold area rug over a periwinkle blue rug for an unexpected pop of contrast.
  • Display periwinkle blue vases and candles on gold end tables, consoles, and mantels.

Don’t forget the lighting! A gold chandelier or pendant light is a perfect accent against a periwinkle blue ceiling. Place gold table lamps on periwinkle blue side tables next to sofas or beds for ambient lighting. Use creativity and have fun mixing these two colors.

Clothing and Accessory Ideas

Gold and periwinkle blue transcend the home decor world to make a bold fashion statement too. These colors look stunning when incorporated into clothing and accessories. Some stylish ways to wear this glam color combination include:

  • A periwinkle blue dress with gold heels and jewelry.
  • A gold skirt paired with a periwinkle blue blouse.
  • A periwinkle blue suit with a gold handbag and shoes.
  • Gold pants or jeans with a periwinkle blue blazer or cardigan.
  • A periwinkle blue coat with gold buttons.
  • Gold open-toed shoes with periwinkle blue pedicure toes.

When it comes to accessories, look for periwinkle blue hues in bags, scarves, and hats, then finish with gold jewelry, belts, sunglasses and other metallic touches. This color pairing is ideal for both formal and casual wear.

Makeup Look Ideas

Gold and periwinkle blue are showstoppers when it comes to makeup too. Here are some ways to work these colors into your beauty looks:

  • Gold eyeshadow with thick periwinkle blue eyeliner/lashes
  • Periwinkle blue smoky eye with gold inner corner/brow bone highlight
  • Gold lips with periwinkle blue winged eyeliner
  • Periwinkle blue lid shade with gold crease shadow
  • Gold highlight on cheeks with periwinkle blue lips

Don’t be afraid to get creative and use different textures like metallic gold eyeshadows or periwinkle blue glitter liners. Add pops of whichever color you choose as an accent shade against neutrals. The options are endless for standing out!

Table Recommending Periwinkle Blue and Gold Paint Colors

Brand Periwinkle Blue Gold
Benjamin Moore Wisteria Blue Modern Gold
Sherwin-Williams Reflecting Pool Alchemy Gold
Behr Down Pour Golden Straw
Valspar Hippie Blue Gilded Gold
PPG Paints Evening Blue Golden Grace

This table recommends specific periwinkle blue and gold paint colors from top brands like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Behr, Valspar, and PPG. Keep this handy when you’re ready to bring this stylish color palette into your home!

Tips for Decorating with Gold and Periwinkle Blue

If you’re ready to start decorating with gold and periwinkle blue, keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose the right undertones. Go for warm golds and cool periwinkles so the colors complement but don’t clash.
  • Use metallics sparingly. Too much gold can be overpowering. Mix in solid periwinkles to balance it out.
  • Add texture. Try a velvet periwinkle sofa with embroidered gold pillows, for example.
  • Layer your colors. A gold area rug over periwinkle carpeting creates depth.
  • Repeat colors in different rooms. Tie spaces together by using the same periwinkle blue in the living room and bedroom.
  • Play with light fixtures. Gold lighting instantly elevates a periwinkle blue room.
  • Incorporate both colors in artwork. Hang periwinkle blue paintings with gold frames for impact.

Following these guidelines will help you successfully decorate with gold and periwinkle blue. Don’t be afraid to test out different shades and combinations until you find a look you love!


Gold and periwinkle blue are a match made in heaven. The blend of warm metallic gold and cool, tranquil periwinkle creates a sophisticated color palette that feels both glamorous and peaceful. This versatile color combination works beautifully throughout the home, on clothing and accessories, and in makeup looks.

When using gold and periwinkle blue together, keep complementary undertones and balance in mind. Mixing textures and layers adds extra interest. With so many possibilities, you’re sure to find a way to make this elegant color pairing your own.

So go ahead and give this stylish combo a try. Decorating with gold and periwinkle blue is guaranteed to add a touch of luxury and serenity to any space.