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Does brite instant color wash out completely?

Brite instant hair color is a popular temporary hair dye that can provide dramatic color results in as little as 5 minutes. But many people wonder – does it wash out completely or will it leave some staining behind? Let’s take a closer look at how brite instant color works and what you can expect in terms of it washing out of your hair.

What is Brite Instant Hair Color?

Brite instant hair color, sometimes also called hair makeup or hair mascara, is a temporary hair dye that comes in vibrant shades like bright pink, blue, purple and more. It’s extremely easy to use – you simply spray or brush the formula directly onto your hair and the color shows up instantly. The color is semi-permanent, meaning it will wash out over several shampoos but does not penetrate or chemically alter the hair shaft like permanent hair dyes.

Here are some key features of brite instant hair color products:

  • Applied by spraying or brushing onto hair
  • Results are instant – no need to wait for color to develop
  • Semi-permanent – lasts for several shampoos
  • Vibrant, fun shades like neon pink, blue, green, etc.
  • Easy to apply by yourself at home
  • No mixing or prepping required
  • Non-damaging to hair since it coats the outside of the hair shaft

The main benefits of instant hair colors are that they can quickly and easily provide a dramatic pop of color without the damage or commitment of permanent dye. The results wash out gradually over 4-10 shampoos. They are fun for short term experimentation with bright shades that you may not want to commit to long term.

How Does Brite Instant Hair Color Work?

Brite instant hair colors work through a process called hair staining, which coats the outside of the hair strand to provide instant, temporary color that washes out over time. Here’s a closer look at the staining process:

  • Large pigment molecules – Brite instant colors contain large pigment molecules that are too big to penetrate into the hair shaft. This is what makes the color semi-permanent.
  • Coats hair strand – When applied, these large pigments coat onto the cuticle (outer layer) of the hair, staining the strand.
  • Gradual fading – Each time you shampoo, some of the stained coating washes away. The color fades slowly and gradually until it is completely gone.
  • No chemical reaction – Since the pigments don’t interact with the inner structure of the hair, brite instant color avoids the chemical reactions of permanent dye. This makes it less damaging.

So in summary, brite instant hair color works through physical staining rather than chemical reactions like permanent dyes. The pigment molecules are deposited onto the outer hair shaft surface and slowly wash away over several shampoos as the coating dissipates.

Does Brite Instant Hair Color Wash Out Completely?

Whether brite instant hair color washes out completely depends on a few factors:

  • Your natural hair color – Darker shades may leave more noticeable staining
  • The brite color shade – Vibrant neon shades are most likely to stain
  • Your hair porosity – More porous or damaged hair will hold more staining
  • How thoroughly you shampoo – Frequent, vigorous washing will help lift staining

Let’s look at each of these factors in more detail:

Your Natural Hair Color

Those with light to medium blonde or gray hair will likely see brite neon shades wash out the most cleanly. The vibrancy of the temporary color has high contrast against lighter shades so that as it fades, the hair appears closer to the original tone.

People with dark brown or black hair have a harder time getting bright shades to completely wash out. As the stain dissipates, the darker natural tone shows through much more noticeably. There is less contrast, so even faint staining appears more prominent.

The Brite Color Shade

Some shades of brite color are more likely to leave staining behind than others. Neon shades like electric purple, neon pink and bright teal tend to stain the most. More natural looking shades like ruby red, pastel pink or blue black may fade out a little more seamlessly.

Color Staining Power
Neon pink High
Vibrant purple High
Electric blue High
Pastel pink Low
Ruby red Low
Silver Low

As a general rule, the more unnaturally bright and neon the shade, the more likely it is to stain. Softer pastels and darker shades tend to wash out better.

Your Hair Porosity

Hair porosity refers to how well your hair strand absorbs and retains moisture. Those with high porosity hair have damage or gaps in the cuticle layer, allowing color pigments to penetrate deeper and stain more stubbornly.

People with low porosity hair have tightly sealed, undamaged cuticles that make it harder for large pigment molecules to deposit onto the strand. The color mostly sits on top of the surface and washes away quicker and more fully.

To determine if you have high or low porosity hair:

  • High porosity – Hair feels dry, looks dull, absorbs water quickly
  • Low porosity – Hair feels coated, looks shiny, floats when wet

If your hair is color-treated or heat-styled excessively, it likely has higher porosity and will hold onto brite color staining more than virgin hair.

How Thoroughly You Shampoo

To get brite instant hair color out as effectively as possible, you need to regularly shampoo and scrub your hair. Using a clarifying shampoo can help lift out more of the coating.

Here are some tips for removing brite color staining thoroughly:

  • Shampoo every 2-3 days
  • Lather and scrub hair for 2-3 minutes when washing
  • Use a clarifying shampoo once a week
  • Consider a vinegar rinse after shampooing to help break up pigment

The more frequent and thorough you are about washing, the less buildup and staining will occur. However, take care not to overwash and damage hair in the process.

How Long Does it Take Brite Instant Color to Fully Wash Out?

On average, you can expect brite instant hair color to completely wash out in 4-10 shampoos. Here are some estimates based on different factors:

Hair Type Washes to Fade
Blonde 4-6
Light brown 6-8
Dark brown 8-10
Color treated 8-12
High porosity 10-14

As you can see, those with darker hair or damaged cuticles may need to wash their hair 10 times or more to fully remove bright neon brite coloring. But in most cases, the color will be washed out enough within 4-6 washes that any remaining tint is not too noticeable.

Does Brite Instant Color Damage Hair?

The good news is that brite instant hair colors are formulated to coat the outside of hair strands rather than penetrate the cortex. This makes them much less damaging than permanent dyes. However, there are still some risks, especially with repeated use.

Potential risks include:

  • Dryness – Frequent application can dry out hair over time
  • Breakage – Rubbing the strands while washing can cause breakage
  • Irritation – Those with sensitive skin may experience irritation from ingredients

To minimize the risks when using brite instant hair colors:

  • Use a deep conditioner with each wash
  • Be gentle when shampooing and detangling
  • Rinse thoroughly and avoid contact with skin
  • Wait 2-3 weeks between re-application

Using brite color every once in a while is likely fine for most people. But regularly dyeing hair bright shades and harshly washing to remove staining can weaken and damage strands over time. Give hair a break in between uses.

Tips for Using Brite Instant Hair Color

Here are some top tips for using brite instant hair color:

  • Test a strand first – See how bright the color comes out and how easily it washes away.
  • Start on dry hair – Damp hair won’t hold the color as vividly.
  • Section hair – Use clips to divide hair for easy, full coverage.
  • Wear gloves – The dye can stain hands, nails, and skin.
  • Apply to mid-lengths and ends – Avoid applying directly to the scalp.
  • Use a tinting brush – For the most control and even application.

And when you’re ready to wash it out:

  • Wash every 2-3 days
  • Use a color protecting or clarifying shampoo
  • Lather and scrub hair thoroughly
  • Finish with a hydrating conditioner
  • Repeat until the color fully fades


Brite instant hair colors provide a quick and easy way to experiment with fun, bold shades. While the pigments are deposited onto the surface of hair rather than permeating the cortex, some staining is likely to occur, especially with repeated use. Thorough yet gentle shampooing along with deep conditioning can help lift the staining over 4-10 washes. Taking good care of hair and scaling back on frequency of re-application allows you to try out vibrant colors without compromising hair health.