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Does black look good with gold?

Does black look good with gold?

Black and gold is a classic color combination that has stood the test of time. The pairing of these dark and light colors creates a bold, luxurious look. But does black really look good with gold? Let’s take a closer look at how these two colors work together and tips for wearing black and gold fashionably.

The Meaning Behind Black and Gold

Throughout history, the color gold has been associated with wealth, prestige and luxury. It represents affluence, extravagance and status. Black, on the other hand, is linked to power, formality and mystery. Together, these two colors convey elegance, sophistication and opulence.

In ancient Egypt, black represented life and fertility while gold symbolized the flesh of the sun god Ra. Kings and pharaohs wore black and gold to demonstrate their divine status. In ancient Greece and Rome, black and gold were colors of royalty and ceremonial dress. Later during the Baroque era, the wealthy elite wore black and gold trim as a display of privilege.

Today, black and gold remain staple colors of luxury fashion brands such as Gucci, Versace and Louis Vuitton. The color scheme has a glamorous, red carpet appeal that continues to capture the public imagination after centuries of use.

How Black and Gold Work Together

Black and gold are complementary colors, meaning they are opposite each other on the color wheel. This contrast is part of what makes the pairing so visually striking. However, the two shades also have warm and cool undertones that allow them to work in harmony.

Gold typically has a warm, yellow undertone while black can have cool blue undertones. This helps the two colors complement one another and prevents the combination from becoming too stark or jarring. The rich, warmer tones of the gold balance beautifully against the depth of black to create a luxurious effect.

In addition, black is a neutral backdrop that allows the gold to really pop. The black grounds the look while the metallic gold adds brilliance. This makes gold details such as jewelry, embroidery or accents really stand out against the black clothing or accessories.

Tips for Wearing Black and Gold

Here are some tips for wearing black and gold in a fashionable, sophisticated way:

  • Choose black as your foundation and use gold as the accent. Too much gold can look gaudy.
  • Incorporate different textures like leather, silk, velvet, linen or brocade in black and let the gold details shine.
  • Try a black dress with gold heels, bag and jewelry for evening glamour.
  • For a daytime look, pair black denim with a gold blouse or black t-shirt with a gold skirt.
  • Mix metallics by layering gold with silver or rose gold for extra dimension.
  • Use gold sparingly on nails, makeup or hair accessories to complement an all-black outfit.
  • Black suits or tuxes with a gold tie or pocket square have refined, formal flair.
  • Choose gold button accents, piping or embroidery to make black outwear pop.

When to Wear Black and Gold

Black and gold is a versatile color scheme that works for many occasions:

  • Formal events – Black and gold is a classic pairing for formal attire like evening gowns, tuxedos, dress suits or cocktail dresses.
  • Weddings – For guests, black and gold is appropriate for ceremonies and receptions. Avoid wearing it if you are in the wedding party.
  • Parties – As a festive color combination, black and gold sets the tone for New Year’s Eve, awards shows, and glamorous parties.
  • Night life – The dramatic duo lends itself perfectly to dinner dates, theater, concerts, galas and night club attire.
  • Day wear – For daytime, use gold as an accent to black basics like tees, jeans, jumpsuits, shifts or suits.

Black and gold may not be suitable for situations where you want to dress casually, such as picnics, daytime barbecues or brunch. Save the glamour of this combo for dressier, upscale occasions.

Home Decor in Black and Gold

Black and gold makes a lavish statement for interior design as well. Here are some tips for incorporating this luxe color scheme at home:

  • Paint walls black and use gold decor accents such as throw pillows, vases, table lamps or mirror frames.
  • Choose black and gold area rugs to anchor a space and add warmth.
  • Use a black and gold color palette for a dramatic dining room – black walls, gold chairs, black table with gold decor.
  • Mix black and gold dishes, stemware and table linens for formal place settings.
  • Select black upholstered furniture and gold side tables, bookshelves or arm chairs for contrast.
  • Display black and white photography in black frames with gold mats and accents.

The key is to use gold as a metallic accent against the black background. This creates that bold, opulent effect.

Black and Gold Fashion Through the Decades

Black and gold has been a staple pairing in fashion for over 200 years. Here’s a look at how the colors have been styled throughout history:

Era Black and Gold Style
18th Century Gold embroidery and trim on black silk coats and dresses for French and English nobility
1820s-1850s Black gowns with gold jewelry and accents for Victorian-era women
1920s Black flapper dresses with gold sequins and beading
1930s Slim black gowns with gold lame fabric for old Hollywood glamour
1980s Oversized black blazers with wide gold lapels and statement gold jewelry
1990s Slip dresses in black layered over gold camisoles
2000s Black pants and gold stiletto heels for going-out style
2010s Black leather jackets and gold zipper accents

From Versailles to the red carpet, black and gold has maintained its luxurious appeal through the ages. The classic color pairing continues to dominate formal fashions and convey elegance for modern wearers.

Jewelry in Black and Gold

Jewelry is one of the best ways to incorporate black and gold into your look. From fine jewelry to costume statement pieces, black and gold accessories will add drama and elegance to any outfit. Here are some striking jewelry options in this color combination:

  • Gold hoop earrings with black stones or enamel – Large gold hoops with black onyx, black diamonds or black enamel make a bold statement.
  • Black and gold pendant necklaces – A black gemstone or enamel accent on a gold chain is sophisticated.
  • Gold and black pearl necklaces – Layers of black Tahitian pearls with gold spacers create richness.
  • Black and gold cuff bracelets – Wide gold cuffs inlaid with black mother of pearl or onyx have a glamorous vibe.
  • Gold and black cocktail rings – Dark stones like hematite or black spinel pop against gold in impressive rings.
  • Black watches with gold faces and bands – This combo looks refined peeking out from a sleeve cuff.

When shopping for black and gold jewelry, aim for pieces that will coordinate with both casual daily wear and formal ensembles so you get plenty of use out of them.

Hair and Makeup in Black and Gold

Incorporate black and gold into your beauty look with dramatic makeup or hair:

  • Gold eye makeup – Try black smoky eyes with gold shimmer shadow or liner for nighttime glamour. Keep the rest of the face natural.
  • Gold lips – Matte black lipstick with a touch of gold shimmer in the center of the lips adds a striking effect. Pair with minimal eye makeup.
  • Black and gold nails – Paint nails black and add gold foil tips or gold nail art for accent nails.
  • Gold hair accents – Weave gold ribbon, string, beads or jewelry into a black braid or up-do.

When doing a bold black and gold beauty look, choose one focal point like the eyes or lips. Keep the rest of the makeup natural so it doesn’t become overkill.

How to Accessorize Black and Gold Outfits

The key to accessorizing black and gold outfits is balancing the two colors. Keep black accessories to a minimum to let the gold shine. Here are some tips:

  • Gold heels are the perfect accent for a black dress or jumpsuit.
  • Pair a black handbag with gold hardware for an elegant touch.
  • Black hats, gloves or tights help anchor gold dresses or skirts.
  • Wrap a black jacket, shawl or cape over gold eveningwear.
  • Try black inner layers (camis, slips, etc.) under sheer gold blouses.
  • Choose a structured black clutch with just a touch of gold hardware.
  • A black choker necklace can offset the warmth of a gold bib necklace.

When styling gold accessories, opt for statement pieces with visual weight so they hold their own against solid black items. Delicate gold jewelry tends to get lost against black’s strong presence.


Black and gold is a timeless, glamorous color combination that packs a real visual punch. With its bold contrast and associations with luxury, black and gold has maintained popularity across fashion history. The colors work in harmony thanks to their warm and cool undertones. Black grounds the look while gold adds brilliant pops.

When wearing this color pairing, choose quality over quantity with the gold. Too much risks looking gaudy. Focus on one statement gold accessory as the accent to your core black items. With the right balance, black and gold conveys elegance and sophistication for any formal occasion.