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Does a red dress go with red shoes?

Does a red dress go with red shoes?

Red is a bold, powerful color that commands attention. It’s associated with love, passion, and excitement. When it comes to fashion, red makes a statement. Wearing an all-red outfit can be tricky to pull off, but pairing a red dress with red shoes can create a stylish, coordinated look when done right. In this article, we’ll explore the do’s and don’ts of wearing red dresses with red shoes, and provide tips to ensure you’re fashionably matching these bright hues.

The Psychology of Wearing Red

Before diving into outfit combinations, it’s helpful to understand the psychology behind the color red. Studies have shown that red is stimulating, intensifies our emotions, and signals power and dominance. Research has found that males find women more attractive when dressed in red. The color also conveys a sense of urgency and gives visual weight to objects. This high-energy color grabs people’s attention and makes the wearer stand out in a crowd.

Knowing the powerful psychology behind red gives insight into how to best pair it for maximum impact. Matching a red dress with red shoes multiplies the bold effect. It can give confidence while demanding respect and authority. Or it can communicate romance and passion for a hot date night. But it’s important to wear red intentionally, not haphazardly, to achieve the desired effect.

Factors to Consider When Pairing a Red Dress and Red Shoes

Several factors go into successfully matching a red dress with red shoes without looking like you’re wearing one big red outfit. Here are key considerations:

Shade of Red

Not all reds are created equal. There are warm reds with orange undertones like crimson. Cool reds with blue undertones like burgundy. Brick reds, coral reds, and more. Mixing different shades of red can look mismatched, so aim for the same red family. A cool red dress generally pairs best with cool red shoes. Stick within the same shade type for visual cohesion.


The dress and shoes should work together stylistically. A sleek red dress with a pencil skirt or sheath silhouette pairs well with pointed toe red pumps for an elegant, pulled-together look. A casual jersey knit red dress can match strappy red sandals for daytime wear. Consider heel heights and overall formality of the shoe style relative to the dress style.


Fabric impacts the shade and appearance of red. A matte crepe red dress will likely match suede red shoes better than patent leather, which has more sheen. Lighter materials like eyelet lace or chiffon in red should be paired with similarly airy shoe materials and textures or the outfit can look too heavy on bottom.


Small accents on a red dress like buttons, piping, or embroidery provide an opportunity to pick out those colors in the shoes. Metallic gold details on a red dress can complement red shoes with gold embellishments. Black lace trim aligns with black bows or embroidery on red heels. Subtle color and texture accents create unity.


Consider any accessories you’ll wear with the red dress and shoes, like a handbag, belt, or jewelry. These accessories present another chance to connect the look through matching colors, textures, metals, etc. A red patent leather clutch can bring together patent red pumps and a crepe dress.

Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Red Dress and Red Shoes

Now that we’ve covered the psychology behind red and the factors that create cohesion between red dresses and shoes, here are specific do’s and don’ts for pulling the look together successfully:

– Match cool-toned red with cool-toned red. Warm with warm.
– Style formal dress with elegant heels, casual with flats or sandals
– Pick similar fabric texture and sheen
– Add neutral tights to brighten and separate an all-red look
– Incorporate red handbag, lipstick and nails for head to toe styling

– Wear true bright cherry red head to toe, it can be overwhelming
– Combine red dress with burgundy or other shade shoes
– Style delicate red fabrics like lace with chunky red shoes
– Go monochromatic, add some contrast like black hosiery
– Forget to check outfit colors in natural light

Tips for Wearing Red Dress With Red Shoes

Here are some top tips for flawlessly wearing a red dress with matching red shoes:

– Opt for a red dress in a cooler-toned shade like burgundy or wine if you want a more sophisticated look. These deeper reds give a more refined impression than fire engine red.

– Stick to a red shoe in the same exact shade as the dress so they clearly look like an intentional match, not a color clash.

– Add black tights to dim down an overly bright head-to-toe red outfit. The sheer black hosiery also provides a skin break between the red below and above.

– Incorporate secondary neutral colors like black, white or nude rather than just red. A black blazer, nude clutch or white earrings keeps the look balanced.

– Try red shoes with a small heel or flat to let the red dress shine as the focal point. Sky high red heels might compete with a striking red dress.

– Check your red outfit combo in natural daylight before heading out. Bulb lighting can distort red hues. Go for flattering sunlight.

– Finish a red dress and shoes outfit with red lipstick for an amped up, glamorous look. Or tone it down with neutral makeup.

– Make sure the red flatters your skin tone. Bluish red pops on warmer complexions while orangey reds flatter cooler skin.

Outfit Ideas: How to Wear Red Dress With Red Shoes

Now that we’ve covered all the tips and guidelines, here are some chic outfit examples to inspire you to confidently pair a red dress with coordinating red shoes:

Date Night Look

– Burgundy skater dress with sweetheart neckline
– Burgundy suede pumps with pointed toe
– Black leather jacket
– Silver pendant necklace
– Neutral makeup with deep red lipstick

This sexy yet classy combo is perfect for a romantic evening out. The matching burgundy hues pull together for visual impact while black and silver accents keep it refined. Red lips tie everything together.

Formal Wedding Look

– Cherry red satin A-line dress with cap sleeves
– Cherry red leather slingback heels
– Diamond drop earrings
– Silver rhinestone clutch
– Swept updo hairstyle

For a wedding or black-tie event, this red carpet look slays. The satin dress and leather shoes are high shine and precisely matched, complemented by glittering silver accessories.

Casual Daytime Look

– Coral red fit and flare dress with white pinstripes
– Coral red ballet flats with bow
– White circular handbag
– Pearl stud earrings
– Straight hair with red headband

For relaxed daytime activities, this springy coral pairing is fun and flirty. The red flats allow comfortable movement while the whites and pearls keep the look soft.

Office Look

– Red wrap dress with short sleeves
– Red patent leather kitten heels
– Black blazer
– Black leather tote bag
– Silver bangle bracelet
– Nude lipstick

For work, this red dress and shoe duo projects confidence. The patent shoes match the dress material while the black blazer and bag dial the look back. Nude lips and delicate jewelry finish professionally.


Pairing red dresses with red shoes can look amazing when done thoughtfully. Match exact hues and tones. Seek cohesion in fabric and embellishments. Incorporate secondary neutrals and textures. Consider heels versus flats. Daytime versus evening styles. With our tips, tricks and outfit examples in mind, you can confidently wear red dresses with red shoes for powerful, fashionable looks that attract attention.