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Did kate middleton dye her hair blonde?

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is known for her beautiful brunette locks. But recently, there has been speculation that Kate may have dyed her hair a lighter blonde shade. In this article, we’ll examine the evidence and try to determine if Kate did in fact go blonde.

Kate’s Hair History

Kate has sported a remarkably consistent hairstyle throughout her time in the public eye. She’s known for her glossy, long brown hair that falls past her shoulders in loose waves. While she occasionally wears her hair up in a ponytail or elegant updo for formal events, Kate typically wears her hair down in a casual yet polished style.

When photographs first emerged of Kate as a university student, her hair was a rich chocolate brown color. Over the years, it has softened to a slightly lighter brown with warm caramel highlights, likely from sun exposure. But she has maintained a remarkably similar hair color over the past two decades.

Kate did experiment with some subtle highlights early on in her relationship with Prince William. But since becoming a member of the royal family, she has stuck to a natural brown shade that flatters her complexion.

The Blonde Rumors

In January 2023, Kate made her first public appearance of the year to visit a hospital in Liverpool. Photos from the event sparked speculation that Kate’s hair appeared lighter than its usual brown.

Some royal watchers suggested her hair looked honey-blonde in certain lighting. Other commented that it had ash blonde or platinum blonde tones. Many hypothesized that Kate had dyed her hair a lighter blonde color during the holidays.

However, these rumors have not been substantiated by any concrete evidence. No confirmation has come from Kensington Palace regarding a change in Kate’s hair color.

Analyzing Kate’s Hair

Upon closer examination, photographs from the Liverpool engagement do not seem to document a drastic change in Kate’s hair color. Her hair does look slightly lighter in some images, likely due to lighting conditions and camera angles. But in most pictures, her hair retains its natural brown shade.

There are no visible dark roots or regrowth that would indicate a recent dye job. The dimension and tone of her hair color also appears consistent with her typical brunette locks. If Kate had gone blonde, even subtly, the difference would be quite striking on her usually dark tresses.

Comparing Kate’s Hair Over Time

Date Hair Color Event
January 2023 Brown Liverpool engagement
December 2022 Brown Christmas carol concert
September 2022 Brown Visit to Windsor
May 2022 Brown Top Gun premiere

This table compares Kate’s hair color at recent public appearances over the past several months. As the images demonstrate, her hair has remained a consistent brown shade without any drastic lightening or color change.

Why Kate Is Unlikely to Go Blonde

While many women experiment with blonde hair, it seems unlikely Kate would make such a drastic change for several reasons:

  • Kate has stayed true to her natural hair color for many years. A bright blonde shade would be a very bold and unexpected choice.
  • As a senior royal, Kate opts for classic and elegant styles. Dramatic hair changes don’t align with her refined look.
  • With her British complexion, Kate’s natural brown hair is the most flattering option. Blonde could wash her out.
  • Kate needs her hair to look polished at all times. The upkeep required for blonde hair may be too demanding.

For these reasons, it’s improbable that the Duchess would make such an extreme hair color change. Subtle highlighting provides dimension while allowing Kate to maintain her signature brunette shade.

The Verdict

Based on an analysis of photographs and Kate’s typical hair styling, it seems clear she has not suddenly gone blonde. The Duchess’ hair very likely remains its natural dark brown color without any significant lightening or dyeing.

Minor variations in lighting and color balance in photos could account for the subtle difference in shade that sparked blonde rumors. But there is no convincing evidence that Kate Middleton actually altered her characteristic brunette tresses.

Kate has perfected polished yet practical beauty looks that support her role as a royal. While she may experiment with subtle highlights and styling changes, a dramatic blonde makeover would be completely out of character. Fans of her signature chestnut locks can rest assured that the Duchess’ hair color remains unchanged.

Unless Kate herself confirms a blonde dye job, it’s safe to conclude her hair has retained its natural, warm brown tone. Minor lighting variations may play tricks on the eyes, but Kate still appears as a classic and graceful brunette.


In summary, despite speculation that Kate Middleton lightened her brown locks to blonde, photographic evidence indicates no significant change in her hair color. Kate has maintained a similar chestnut brown shade with caramel highlights over the past decade. While lighting and angles may alter how her hair appears in photos, no concrete signs point to a blonde dye job. Given Kate’s preference for classic styling befitting her royal role, a dramatic blonde makeover seems improbable. The Duchess likely remains faithfully brunette, putting rumors of her going blonde to rest.