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Did billie eilish dye her hair brown?

Billie Eilish is one of the most popular and successful young singers today. She first gained fame as a teenager with her debut single “Ocean Eyes” in 2016. Since then, she has released multiple hit songs, albums, and won numerous awards, including the Grammy for Best New Artist in 2020. One of Billie’s most iconic features over the years has been her brightly colored hair. She was known for experimenting with bold neon shades like green, blue, and gray. However, in March 2020, Billie surprised fans by debuting a new brown hair look. Let’s take a look at the details around Billie’s hair transformation and what she has said about her new brunette locks.

Billie’s Iconic Hair Evolution

When Billie first broke onto the scene, her hair was a silvery gray color. This helped her stand out from other pop stars and created an iconic look. As she gained more fame, Billie began experimenting with even brighter shades.

Year Hair Color
2016 Silver Gray
2017 Electric Blue
2018 Neon Green
2019 Violet

Billie was known for wearing hair colors like electric blue, bright neon green, and violet shades. Her bold hair looks became an iconic part of her image and brand. Fans looked forward to seeing what bright new color she would debut next.

The Debut of Brunette Billie

In March 2020, Billie shocked fans by revealing a brand new brown hair color on social media. Gone were the days of her signature neon-colored locks. She shared a simple Instagram post showing off her brunette hair with the caption “did you guess correctly?”

The new hair color was a dramatic change for the singer. Billie had consistently been known for her brightly colored hair since she first rose to fame. Switching to a natural brunette shade was unexpected from the typically experimental pop star.

Billie’s Thought Process Behind the Change

So why did Billie decide to make such a drastic change and go for a more conventional brunette look? In interviews, she explained her reasoning and thought process behind dyeing her hair brown:

  • She wanted a change and do something different from her norm
  • The bold colors had become too much of her identity and image
  • The upkeep for bright hair was tiring and damaging
  • She wanted to try a natural color she hadn’t experimented with before

Billie said the colored hair had become too much about her identity as a celebrity and brand. While she saw the appeal, she didn’t want to be defined solely by her neon locks. Going brown allowed her to change up her look and appear in a new way to fans.

Billie’s Experience as a Brunette

In interviews after the initial reveal, Billie opened up about how it felt to switch hair colors so dramatically. Here are some of her thoughts on the experience:

  • She loved the ease of her natural grown-out brown roots
  • She felt it was easier to go unnoticed in public
  • It was freeing not to have her hair be such a big part of her image
  • She enjoyed experimenting with a new look and style

Overall, Billie seemed happy with her decision to go brunette. It allowed her to change up her style and appearance in a new, less high-maintenance way. The brown hair marked a transition into a more mature era of Billie’s music and career.

Billie’s Hair Evolution Since Going Brunette

Billie didn’t stick with the brunette look for too long. While she kept her natural brown grown-out roots, she began experimenting with colors again in subtler ways. Here are some of the shades Billie has cycled through since debuting brown hair:

Month Hair Color
June 2020 Dark roots with subtle green ends
August 2020 Half black, half neon green hair
November 2020 Platinum blonde
January 2021 Black and neon green roots
April 2021 Shoulder-length blonde

While Billie went back to some vibrant shades, they were more muted and toned-down compared to her earlier bright locks. She also continued embracing natural hair colors like black, blonde and brown in between color experiments. Fans enjoyed seeing her switch it up between bold and natural looks.

The Meaning Behind the Brunette Hair

While some fans were shocked by Billie’s brown hair debut, it held an important meaning for the singer. Beyond just wanting a change, the brunette color marked a transition period for Billie and her career. Here are some of the implications behind her going brown:

  • Showing she was maturing as an artist
  • Proving she was more than just her neon-hair identity
  • Letting her natural beauty shine through
  • Embracing a simpler, more elegant look
  • Signaling she wasn’t an unchanging pop star

The brown hair didn’t last forever, but it held symbolic meaning for Billie’s personal growth and career evolution. It showed her willingness to take risks and reinvent herself as an artist. Even though she went back to colors, Billie still chooses to incorporate her natural hair more than before the brown phase.

Fan Reactions to Brunette Billie

Billie’s fans had mixed reactions to her dramatic hair change. Here are some of the types of responses from her dedicated followers:

  • Shock and surprise – Many found it hard to recognize her at first
  • Disappointment – Some felt let down she abandoned her signature bright locks
  • Betrayal – Long-time fans missed her previous hair looks
  • Impressed – Many were wowed she pulled off such a sophisticated look
  • Praise – Fans commended her beauty and willingness to experiment
  • Understanding – Many supported her doing what made her happy

While the change was polarizing at first, over time, most fans came to appreciate Billie’s reasons for going brown. They admired her courage to try something so different even if it wasn’t their personal favorite look.

The Future of Billie’s Hair

What does the future hold for Billie Eilish’s iconic hair? Here are some possibilities:

  • Will likely continue changing frequently
  • Could revisit brown or platinum blonde
  • Might return to a fully neon look one day
  • Will probably keep elements of her natural roots
  • Could shave her head entirely

If Billie’s hair evolution has shown anything, she likes to keep fans guessing. She clearly enjoys experimenting with different colors and styles. While she may return to some of her past looks, Billie will likely continue to reinvent herself. Her hair will remain an iconic part of her image with potential for bold changes whenever she wants a dramatic transformation.


Billie Eilish’s switch to brown hair in March 2020 was a surprising but meaningful chapter in her ongoing hair evolution. While fans had mixed reactions initially, it showed her willingness to take risks and grow as an artist. The brown era was transitional before Billie began experimenting with colors again in more nuanced ways. She continues to change up her iconic locks, keeping followers intrigued. One thing is for certain – all eyes will remain on Billie’s hair transformations as she has proven she can pull off any shade or style with stylish flair.