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Can you wear camo pants with blue shirt?

Camouflage print pants are a versatile staple that can be styled in many different ways. While camo pants traditionally may bring to mind more neutral color pairings like blacks, browns, or greens, they can definitely be worn with brighter colors like blue as well. Combining camo pants and a blue shirt can create an eye-catching, stylish look when done properly.

Factors to Consider

There are a few factors to take into account when wearing camo pants with a blue shirt:

  • Shade of blue – Pairing camo pants with a bold, bright blue may look too haphazard and clashing. Opt for a more muted or pale blue instead.
  • Pattern of camo – Larger camo prints can handle bolder blues, while a blue shirt will stand out more against a smaller camo pattern.
  • Fit and style – The looser and baggier the camo pants, the better they’ll mix with a fitted blue shirt. Avoid matching two loose/baggy items.
  • Accessories – Accessories like belts, shoes, and jewelry can help tie the camo and blue together.

Camo Pant Styles

Certain camo pant styles will be more complementary to a blue shirt than others:

Camo Pant Style Pairing with Blue Shirt
Skinny camo pants A fitted blue shirt balances the slim pants.
Straight leg camo pants A relaxed blue shirt complements the looser straight leg.
Camo joggers Joggers match well with a casual tee or button-down in blue.
Camo cargo pants The casual vibe matches best with a light denim blue shirt.

Blue Shirt Styles and Shades

Certain shades and cuts of blue shirts will pair better with camo pants than others:

Blue Shirt Style Pairing with Camo Pants
Baby blue tee The pale hue complements without too much contrast.
Navy button-down A versatile navy works with most camo styles.
Royal blue polo Muted camo joggers or pants balance the brightness.
Light denim shirt Distressed denim and camo is a grunge-chic look.

Examples of Camo Pants Outfits with Blue Shirts

Some examples of how to successfully style camo pants with a blue shirt include:

  • Olive camo skinny pants with a fitted baby blue cotton tee and white sneakers
  • Army green camo joggers with a navy and white striped button-down left open
  • Black camo cargo pants with a denim jacket and royal blue v-neck t-shirt
  • Gray and black digital camo pants with a light washed denim shirt and brown boots

Accessories like hats, belts, or handbags can help tie together camo pants and a blue shirt. For example, a blue backpack can complement a blue top when wearing camo pants.

Tips for Wearing Camo Pants and a Blue Shirt

Here are some top tips for stylishly wearing camo pants with a blue shirt:

  • Go for camo in neutral earth tones like olive, tan, brown, black or gray
  • Choose a blue shirt in a lighter, muted shade like powder blue
  • Balance fitted camo pants with a looser blue shirt, or vice versa
  • Add accessories in blue, black, brown, white or gray to tie the look together
  • Stick to simple patterns on the blue shirt like stripes, solids or gingham
  • Avoid bold graphic tees in blue, which can look mismatched
  • Opt for low-key sneakers or boots rather than bright statement shoes


Camo pants and a blue shirt can absolutely be worn together with the right styling. The key is to complement earthy camo tones with a muted, lighter blue shade up top. Balance fitted and loose silhouettes and keep accessories simple. Stay away from overly bold patterns and colors. The combo of camo pants and a blue shirt can be edgy and stylish when executed properly.