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Can you put Color Wonder paper in the printer?

Color Wonder paper is a fun and creative toy that allows kids to color without making a mess. The special paper only shows the colors from the Color Wonder markers, while regular markers like crayons, colored pencils, and pens don’t show up at all. This makes it an ideal activity for young kids who love to color but tend to be messy.

However, many parents wonder if you can put Color Wonder paper through a printer to print out pictures or activities for kids to color. Below, we’ll explore whether or not Color Wonder paper is printer-friendly and look at some alternative options.

How Does Color Wonder Paper Work?

To understand if Color Wonder paper will work in a printer, it helps to first look at what makes the paper so unique. Here’s a quick overview of how Color Wonder paper functions:

  • The paper is coated with a clear, colorless dye.
  • When used with Color Wonder markers, the inks in the markers react with the dye coating and turn into vibrant colors.
  • Other markers, pens, crayons, etc. do not cause a reaction, so their colors remain invisible.

This special dye coating is the key factor that determines whether Color Wonder paper will work in a printer.

Can You Print on Color Wonder Paper?

Unfortunately, the answer is no – Color Wonder paper is not compatible with home printers or copiers.

Here are the main reasons why:

  • The heat from the printer can damage the dye coating on the paper.
  • The pressure rollers in printers can also rub off the dye coating.
  • Printer inks do not react with the Color Wonder dye, so nothing would show up when printed.

Printers use heat and pressure to transfer ink onto paper, but these conditions are too harsh for the sensitive dye coating on Color Wonder paper. The end result is either a blank printed page, or the dye coating may be damaged or removed by the printing process.

Alternative Options for Printing

While you can’t directly print on Color Wonder paper, there are a couple alternative options to get printed activities onto the special paper:

Print on Regular Paper First

One option is to print your activity sheets, coloring pages, etc. on normal printer paper first. Then, tape or glue the printed pages onto blank Color Wonder paper. The kids can then color the printed designs with their Color Wonder markers.

Use Color Wonder Printables

Some Color Wonder sets come with printable activity sheets that are designed for use with the paper. These printables are printed with special Color Wonder inks that will become visible when colored with the markers. This allows you to get customized printable sheets to use with the paper.

Use a Color Wonder Marker Directly

You can also use Color Wonder markers to directly draw designs, letters, shapes, etc. onto blank Color Wonder paper. While not printable, this allows you to create customized activities by hand-drawing with the Color Wonder markers.

Tips for Using Printables with Color Wonder

If using printables, either purchased or homemade, here are some tips:

  • Use a glue stick or non-permanent adhesive tape to affix the printables. This prevents damage to the Color Wonder dye coating.
  • Avoid using thick printables or too much glue, as this can prevent the Color Wonder markers from working properly.
  • Let glue or tape dry fully before allowing kids to color the sheets.
  • Laminated printables won’t work, as the plastic coating prevents the markers from reacting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about using Color Wonder paper in printers:

Will Color Wonder paper jam my printer?

It’s unlikely to cause jams, but can possibly damage the printer over time. The paper is thinner than normal printer paper, so the pressure rollers have to work harder, which can wear them down faster.

What happens if I try to print on Color Wonder paper?

Either nothing at all will show up, or the heat and pressure may remove the Color Wonder dye coating, preventing the markers from working. Don’t attempt printing directly onto Color Wonder paper.

Can I make color photocopies of colored-on Color Wonder pages?

No, the used Color Wonder paper will appear blank in the photocopier. Only the original Color Wonder markings are visible.

Will inkjet or laser printers work better?

Neither – don’t try to print directly on Color Wonder paper in any type of printer. The paper is not compatible with home printers.


Color Wonder paper is a beloved kids’ activity, but the special dye coating makes it incompatible with home printers. Never try to print directly onto Color Wonder paper. Instead, get creative by printing on normal paper first and affixing printables, using official Color Wonder printables, or drawing your own designs with Color Wonder markers. With some clever workaround methods, you can still integrate printable activities into your Color Wonder paper crafts and coloring.


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