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Can you paint a birdhouse blue?

Painting a birdhouse is a fun and easy way to add personality and visual interest to your backyard or garden. While any color paint can be used, blue is a popular choice for many reasons.

Reasons to Paint a Birdhouse Blue

Here are some of the benefits of painting a birdhouse blue:

  • Blue is attractive to many bird species. Studies have shown bluebird houses painted blue tend to have higher occupancy rates than houses painted other colors.
  • Blue blends into natural surroundings. A blue birdhouse often looks more natural and less obtrusive in an outdoor setting compared to brighter, bolder colors.
  • Blue is calming. The cool tone of blue paint is soothing and peaceful to look at. Blue can help a birdhouse blend into the sky and trees.
  • Blue deters wasps. Wasps are less attracted to the color blue. Painting a birdhouse blue can discourage wasps from building nests inside.
  • Blue is customizable. From light sky blue to deep denim navy, there are many shades of blue paint to choose from. The hue can be customized to complement your garden.

Choosing a Blue Paint

When selecting a blue paint for your birdhouse, consider the following factors:

  • Durability: Look for exterior latex paints or oil-based enamels designed to withstand sun, rain, and weathering.
  • Shade: Cool tones like powder blue or robin’s egg blend into the sky, while deeper blues complement gardens.
  • Finish: Flat or matte paint absorbs light and hides imperfections. Glossy paint is more durable but may cause unwanted glare.
  • Quality: High quality paints provide better coverage and often last longer than cheaper paints.
  • Eco-friendly: Many major brands offer low-VOC, water-based paints safe for the environment.

Prepping and Painting the Birdhouse

Proper preparation is key to achieving an attractive, long-lasting paint job on your birdhouse:

  1. Clean the birdhouse with mild soap and water to remove any dirt, dust, grease, or mildew.
  2. Gently sand the surfaces with fine grit sandpaper to rough up the wood. This helps the paint adhere.
  3. Wipe off any sanding dust with a clean rag.
  4. Apply a high quality primer if needed to seal the wood. Allow primer to fully dry.
  5. Before painting, cover any areas you don’t want paint to touch with painter’s tape and paper.
  6. Apply at least two coats of exterior paint using a brush, roller, or sprayer. Allow each coat to dry before adding another.
  7. Let the final coat fully cure for several days before hanging the birdhouse.

Tips for neat, drip-free painting:

  • Work in a dry, dust-free area.
  • Use a high quality angled sash brush for trim and edges.
  • Paint sides first, then front and back last.
  • Apply paint generously but avoid runs and drips.
  • Gently smooth out any brush strokes as you paint.
  • Use a small foam roller for broad surfaces.
  • Work methodically and patiently.

Hanging and Maintaining a Blue Birdhouse

To extend the life of your painted blue birdhouse:

  • Allow paint to cure fully before hanging, at least 3-5 sunny days.
  • Check for rough edges and sand smooth before mounting.
  • Hang the house in a sheltered spot away from prevailing winds and rain.
  • Use stainless steel hardware to hang the house from a tree, post, or wall bracket.
  • Monitor house for needed repairs. Touch up paint as needed.
  • Clean out old nesting materials after baby birds fledge each season.
  • Consider repainting every 2-3 years or when paint begins cracking or peeling.

Typical Blue Birdhouse Paint Colors

Here are some of the most common shades of blue paint used on birdhouses:

Blue Paint Color Paint Brand Hex Color Code
Sky Blue Behr – Sky Watch #93C7E8
Robin’s Egg Blue Valspar – Patina #8FC2E9
Baby Blue Sherwin-Williams – Online Blue #C4D8E7
Periwinkle Benjamin Moore – Wind Chime #C3D0E6
Powder Blue Behr – Windfall Blue #B1C5D4
Cadet Blue Valspar – Rapture #99C1DE
Cornflower Blue Sherwin-Williams – Connecting Azure #728FCE
Navy Blue Behr – Blue Daze #466995

These are just a sampling of the many shades of blue suitable for painting birdhouses. More options are available from all major paint brands.

Tips for Painting Birdhouses

Here are some additional tips to help ensure your blue painted birdhouse looks great and lasts over time:

  • Add ventilation holes if needed before painting.
  • Seal untreated wood with primer first for better paint adhesion.
  • Use a small artist’s brush for painting trim and edges.
  • Choose a gloss or semi-gloss sheen for easy cleaning.
  • Hang in a shaded spot to help the paint last longer.
  • Use metal predator baffles or guards to deter squirrels.
  • Match blue paint color to your house trim for a coordinated look.
  • Refresh faded paint every 2-3 years or as needed.
  • Stencil on fun designs or patterns using exterior paint pens.


Painting a birdhouse blue is an easy DIY project that can add visual interest and appeal to any backyard. With proper preparation, application, and maintenance, a blue painted birdhouse will look attractive for years while also creating an inviting habitat for your feathered friends. Just be sure to use only weather-resistant exterior grade paints formulated to withstand the elements. With a little creativity, you can give your garden a customized blue birdhouse that both you and the local birds will love.