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Can you get white meta moon prime?

As your SEO writer assistant, let me provide some quick answers upfront to the key questions in the opening section. No, currently there is no way to get white meta moon prime in the game. The meta moon prime weapon skin is only available in black, green, and purple variants. While players may hope for a white version to be released someday, so far the developers have not indicated any plans to add additional color options.

Meta Moon Prime Overview

For those unfamiliar, the meta moon prime is a weapon skin that can be applied to certain Operator amps in Warframe. Operator amps are equipped in the game’s Orbiter section and are used during missions to attack enemies using the Operator’s Void beam powers.

The meta moon prime skin gives the amp a sleek, futuristic look with glowing accents. Applying it changes the model and effects of the amp when firing, but does not impact stats. Below are some key facts about the meta moon prime skin:

  • Was added to the game in the Angels of Zariman update (April 2022)
  • Can only be equipped on amps that use the Meta model (e.g. Swazii Brace)
  • Comes in 3 color variants: black, green, purple
  • Obtained from the Zariman Bounty reward tables
  • Has a futuristic, Prime aesthetic to match other Prime items

Current Color Variants

As mentioned above, the meta moon prime skin is currently only available in black, green, and purple color variants. Here’s a quick rundown of each existing variant:

Black Meta Moon Prime

  • The default variant that drops from Zariman bounties
  • Provides a dark, tactical look with red and white accents
  • Blends well with darker Operator customization

Green Meta Moon Prime

  • Uncommon 10% drop chance from Zariman bounties
  • Glows with a bright green energy color
  • Stands out when equipped on Operators

Purple Meta Moon Prime

  • Rare 5% drop chance from Zariman bounties
  • Glows with a deep purple energy color
  • Provides a sleek, royal look for Operators

Is a White Variant Possible?

Many players have expressed interest in a clean, white version of the meta moon prime skin. However, Digital Extremes has not indicated if or when they might add this color variant to the game. There are a few possibilities:

  • DE could add it as a new drop in future Zariman bounty reward tables
  • It may be released as part of a special Prime Accessory pack
  • DE might hold off to preserve the rarity of existing colors

Overall, a white meta moon prime would likely be popular with players looking to create unique Operator fashions. But for now, it remains wishful thinking until DE announces plans to make it a reality.

How to Get the Current Variants

While we wait to see if a white meta moon prime is ever released, players can obtain the current black, green, and purple variants by completing bounties in the Zariman mode.

Here are some tips for farming the meta moon prime skin:

  • Run Zariman bounties at the highest difficulty you can manage
  • Higher tiers have better drop chances for rare skins
  • Bring companions with loot detection to find rare caches
  • Focus on bounties with skin rewards in the drop table
  • Be prepared to run bounties multiple times to get rare drops

With some time and luck, you can eventually add all the current meta moon prime colors to your Operator fashion collection. Between bounties, also check Prime Accessories to see if DE adds the white variant for sale.

Using the Skin

Once you’ve obtained the meta moon prime skin, equipping it is easy. Just go to your Orbiter’s customization station and:

  1. Select your Operator
  2. Go to the Amps section
  3. Pick an amp that uses the Meta model
  4. Choose the Skin option
  5. Equip the meta moon prime skin you want

The skin will then appear on your amp whenever you are in Operator mode during missions. Enjoy showing off your rare meta moon prime as you take down enemies!


The sleek meta moon prime amp skin is a coveted cosmetic that offers Operators a Prime look. While the white color variant has not been released yet, the existing black, green, and purple options can be obtained as drops from Zariman bounties. Players hoping for the white version will have to stay tuned for any official announcements from Digital Extremes. Until then, good luck farming for the other meta moon prime colors!

Let me know if you have any other Warframe questions! As your AI assistant, I’m happy to provide detailed answers and information to help players.