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Can you buy colored contacts at Halloween stores?

Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning your costume! One popular way to transform your look is with colored contact lenses. But can you actually buy colored contacts at Halloween costume stores? Let’s take a closer look.

The Availability of Colored Contacts at Halloween Stores

Many major Halloween costume chains do carry colored contacts. Stores like Spirit Halloween, Halloween City, and Halloween Express typically have a selection of colored contact lenses for sale each year. The contact lens brands they carry may include brands like Wild Eyes, Crazy Lenses, and ColorMax.

These stores typically offer a limited selection of bright, dramatic contact lens colors like red, yellow, purple or cat-eye lenses. The colored contacts are usually marketed as costume accessories or “crazy” lenses rather than cosmetic lenses.

Along with national chains, some local independent Halloween stores or costume shops may also carry colored contacts. However, selection can be hit or miss depending on the individual store.

Availability of More Natural-Looking Colored Contacts

While Halloween stores are a convenient option for colored contacts, the selection tends to be limited to brighter, more theatrical colors. If you’re looking for more natural-looking contact lenses that subtly enhance your eye color, Halloween stores may not be the best source.

Cosmetic colored contact lenses that mimic natural shades of blue, green, brown and gray are popular for everyday wear. But these more natural colored contacts aren’t always easy to find at seasonal Halloween retailers.

Your best bet for obtaining natural color contact lenses is to purchase them through an online retailer that specializes in cosmetic contacts for enhancing your eye appearance. Some reputable vendors include:

  • ColorCL
  • UniqueLens
  • Coastal Contacts

These retailers have much wider selections of colored contacts in natural-looking shades. They also typically require prescriptions to purchase contacts through their sites.

Trying on Colored Contacts In-Store

One advantage of buying colored contacts at a local Halloween store is you may be able to try them on in person before purchasing. Some stores have display lenses available for testing.

Trying on contacts in the store lets you get a feel for how they look on your eyes and ensures you’re buying a comfortable fit. However, you’ll still want to take proper hygiene precautions when handling and trying on the display lenses.

Online Buying Considerations

When purchasing colored contacts online, you won’t have the opportunity to test them first. But there are still ways to determine which shades and brands will work best for your eyes:

  • Look for sites with virtual try-on applications that let you upload a photo and see how different contacts look digitally applied to your eyes.
  • Read reviews about how certain colored contact brands fit, feel, and look for other customers with similar eye characteristics.
  • Compare eye measurements (like pupil diameter) to the sizing options for a brand.
  • Ask your eye doctor for recommendations based on your prescription and eye health.

Prescription Colored Contacts

If you require a prescription for vision correction, look for retailers that offer colored contact lenses with prescriptions. Getting prescription color contacts fitted by an eye care professional will help ensure the lenses properly fit your eyes.

Halloween retailers generally don’t carry prescription colored contacts. But many online specialty contact lens companies like and Coastal Contacts can provide prescription colored contacts when you submit your latest prescription information. They work directly with eye doctors to provide properly fitted prescription lenses.

Considerations for Contact Lens Wearers

If you already wear clear prescription contacts, make sure to provide your current brand, lens measurements and prescription when ordering colored prescription lenses to get the best fit match. You will also want to factor in giving your eyes a break in between wearing your regular contacts and colored costume contacts.

Plan ahead and get your Halloween colored contacts well before October 31st to allow time for shipping and to get used to wearing them. Be aware that colored contacts may feel quite different than clear lenses, especially dramatic costume lenses. Give your eyes time to adjust to help prevent discomfort or irritation.

Caring for Colored Contacts

Like clear contacts, colored lenses require proper hygiene, cleaning and storage. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for usage limits and cleaning of colored contact lenses. Avoid sleeping in the lenses or overusing disposable pairs.

Carry rewetting eye drops when wearing colored contacts to regularly lubricate your eyes and prevent dryness. Pay attention to how your eyes feel and remove the contacts immediately if any redness, pain or vision changes occur.

Consult your optometrist about use and care when adding cosmetic or prescription color contacts to your routine eye wear.

Cost Comparison of Colored Contacts

Retailer Price Range
Halloween Stores $15-$25 per pair
Online Retailers $39-$299 per pair

As you can see, colored contacts purchased at local Halloween stores tend to be on the cheaper side. Online retailers that specialize in colored contacts have a much wider range of pricing options, with costs going up significantly for brand name lenses and prescription fulfillment.

Consider both your budget and desired lens quality and appearance when deciding where to purchase colored contact lenses.


So can you buy colored contact lenses from Halloween stores? The answer is yes – major Halloween retailers do carry colored contacts in bright, costume-friendly colors. However, the selection is limited compared to online retailers who offer a wider range of natural and dramatic shades.

Halloween stores are a good option if you want inexpensive contacts for completing a costume look. But for cosmetic lenses that enhance your natural eye color, specialized online retailers will provide a better buying experience and range of products.

No matter where you buy colored contacts, be sure to learn how to properly care for them. Follow all instructions for safe wear and hygiene to keep your eyes healthy while making a statement this Halloween!