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Can we mix black and brown?

Can we mix black and brown?

Mixing black and brown clothing items is a common question many people have. The main concern is whether these dark neutral colors will clash when paired together. The simple answer is that yes, you generally can combine black and brown in an outfit. However, there are some guidelines to follow to pull off this look successfully.

The history behind not mixing black and brown

The old rule of not wearing black and brown together originated in the early 20th century. Back then, brown clothing was associated with the working class. The upper classes tended to wear black as their neutral color of choice. Mixing black and brown signified that you didn’t understand proper dress codes.

However, this thinking is extremely outdated today. Fashion rules have relaxed, and there are fewer hard rules about mixing neutrals. What matters most now is wearing colors and textures that complement your personal style and body type. Don’t let old stereotypes about black and brown stop you from trying out this classic color pairing!

When black and brown work well together

Black and brown can work perfectly together when done right. The most important guideline is to pay attention to texture. Mixing black and brown pieces with different textures creates nice visual contrast. Stay away from wearing head-to-toe black and brown in flat, matching textures – this can look dull.

Some examples of black and brown done well:

  • A black wool turtleneck with brown corduroy pants
  • A fitted black leather jacket with a drapey brown midi skirt
  • Black jeans with casual brown suede ankle boots
  • A black pencil skirt with a silky brown blouse

See how the textures differ in each pairing? The leather, wool, corduroy, silk – they make the look pop. When textures vary, the black and brown contrast instead of blending together.

Tips for wearing black and brown

Here are some top tips for stylishly combining black and brown pieces:

  • Go for black and brown with similar depth of shades. Pair deep espresso brown with black – not with light camel brown.
  • Use black as your neutral base. Ground your look with a black skirt or pants, then layer on brown accents like shoes or a top.
  • Add metallic accessories. Bronzy jewelry and bags bridge black and brown.
  • Stick to matte textures. Glossy black patent leather can look harsh next to brown suede, for example.
  • Throw in other colors. Add a pop of red or white so the brown and black don’t feel too somber.

When to avoid black and brown

While black and brown normally play nicely together, there are a few cases where you’ll want to avoid this color combo:

  • Monochromatic all-brown or all-black outfits. Wearing different shades of the same color rarely works.
  • Matching formalwear. Black suits and brown shoes can come across as mismatched.
  • Menswear-inspired looks. Brown suits and black shoes is a difficult pairing to pull off.
  • All black with a brown bag. This can look very harsh and uneven.

In these situations, go for a more conventional uniform black or brown look from head to toe. Or add in some brighter colors or metallics to better blend the dark neutrals.

Outfit examples mixing black and brown

Here are some full outfit examples to inspire you to wear black and brown in a stylish way:

Outfit What Works
Black turtleneck sweater, brown corduroy skirt, black tights, brown knee-high boots Textural contrast between the fabrics. Black tights anchor the look.
Little black dress, brown suede jacket, black clutch, brown loafers Brown jacket masculinizes the feminine LBD. Loafers casualize the look.
Black jeans, white tee, brown leather moto jacket, black boots White tee brightens up the dark neutrals. Black jeans ground the outfit.
Black sweater dress, brown belt, black tights, brown riding boots Monochrome black base with brown accents. Textural contrast.

See how easy it is to make black and brown work together? The key is varying your textures and occasionally adding punches of lighter colors like white or tan.

Home décor: Mixing black and brown

Beyond fashion, black and brown can make for an elegant, moody color scheme in home décor. Here are some tips for incorporating these dark neutrals in your space:

  • Use black as your base color for big furniture pieces like sofas, beds, or dining tables. Then layer on brown accents.
  • Choose black and espresso brown wood furniture. The similar depths will complement each other.
  • Add metallics and neutral textiles. Copper, gold, gray, and cream accents prevent black and brown from feeling too heavy.
  • Paint your walls black or charcoal gray. This dramatic backdrop lets brown décor really stand out.
  • Opt for brown leather furniture or black leather sofas paired with brown leather chairs.

A few brown and black décor pieces can instantly create a chic, cozy vibe. Just take care that your space doesn’t end up feeling too dark and cave-like with an overload of these saturated colors.


Black and brown are both versatile neutral colors that pair beautifully together. The key is playing with varied textures and shades to avoid a flat, monochromatic look. With the right styling, this color combo comes across as rich, polished, and striking. Don’t be afraid to give black and brown a try – just follow our guidelines to do it right!