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Can royal blue go with burnt orange?

Can royal blue go with burnt orange?

Royal blue and burnt orange may seem like an unusual color combination at first glance. However, with some thoughtful styling, these two bold hues can actually complement each other quite nicely. When used together, royal blue and burnt orange create an eye-catching, vibrant aesthetic that’s full of visual interest.

In this article, we’ll explore how to successfully pair royal blue with burnt orange across various design contexts. We’ll provide color theory insights, real-world examples, and specific tips to help you feel confident mixing these colors in your own projects. By the end, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to make royal blue and burnt orange work seamlessly together.

The Color Theory Behind Royal Blue and Burnt Orange

In color theory, royal blue and burnt orange are considered complementary colors. This means they sit directly across from each other on the color wheel. Complementary color pairs create strong visual contrast when placed side-by-side. However, they also have the ability to make each other “pop” when used together judiciously.

Royal blue is a vivid, deep shade of blue that has purple undertones. It’s associated with richness, elegance, and authority. Burnt orange is a warm, earthy reddish-orange reminiscent of autumn leaves and sunsets. It brings to mind feelings of excitement, energy, and warmth.

When you put a cool, jewel-toned blue beside a hot, fiery orange, the contrast is bold and striking. The juxtaposition makes both colors appear more intense and saturated. This type of high-contrast pairing works best when the colors are balanced out properly. If executed thoughtfully, royal blue and burnt orange can lend a look that’s both sophisticated and lively.

Real World Examples of Royal Blue and Burnt Orange Together

Though they may seem unorthodox together at first, royal blue and burnt orange are actually a popular color pairing in modern graphic design, home decor, fashion, and beyond. Here are some real-world examples of how these colors can be mixed and matched:

– Graphic design – Many companies leverage royal blue and burnt orange in their branding and marketing materials. For example, Netflix uses these colors together prominently in its logo. The blue provides a stable, corporate foundation, while the orange injects energy and excitement.

– Home decor – In interior design, royal blue and burnt orange work well in bohemian, eclectic, or mid-century spaces. Burnt orange upholstery or throw pillows can pop against a royal blue accent wall or vase. Patterned rugs and tapestries will also blend the hues nicely.

– Fashion – In clothing and accessories, this color pairing makes a bold fashion statement. A royal blue dress or suit paired with burnt orange shoes and a handbag creates an eye-catching ensemble. Or, an outfit with blue jeans and an orange top/jacket combines the colors in a more casual way.

– Food – Royal blue and burnt orange make for an appetizing food presentation. Blue and orange foods on the same plate complement each other nicely. Think orange carrots, squash, or cheese alongside blueberries, purple potatoes, or colored sauces.

– Events – For parties, weddings, and other events, royal blue and burnt orange are festive when used for decor. Blue tablecloths with orange napkins or flowers and orange uplighting against blue walls make for a lively ambiance.

As you can see, context is everything. With the right styling, this color duo can work in virtually any sphere.

Tips for Combining Royal Blue and Burnt Orange

Here are some top tips to follow when pairing royal blue with burnt orange:

– Use orange as an accent – Since orange is the warmer, brighter color, use it sparingly to accent the cooler blue. Too much orange may overpower the look.

– Lighten up the orange – Softening burnt orange to more of a peach or coral tone will make it more compatible with royal blue.

– Add a neutral – An off-white, beige, or gray neutral color helps soften and bridge the gap between the two bolder colors.

– Layer colors – Putting blue and orange in separate layers (like orange shirt under a blue jacket) allows you to control the contrast.

– Add texture – Varied textures also help marry the colors, like an orange knit blanket on a royal blue cotton couch.

– Separate colors – Space the colors apart from each other around a room. Having them meet in sharp borders heightens the contrast.

-Repeat colors – Tie the palette together by repeating blue and orange tones throughout a space or outfit.

– Use patterns – Calm, geometric prints in one or both colors helps them coexist peacefully.

With these tips in mind, you can confidently begin working royal blue and burnt orange into your own designs. Test out different color ratios, placements, and textures until you find a combination that “clicks”.

Working the Colors into Specific Spaces

To give you more specific ideas, here are examples of how to effectively incorporate royal blue and burnt orange into three common settings – a living room, bedroom, and office:

Living Room:

Royal Blue Elements Burnt Orange Elements
– Walls – Throw pillows
– Sofa – Blankets
– Armchair – Rug
– Bookshelves – Flowers
– Decor items – Lamp shades


Royal Blue Elements Burnt Orange Elements
– Headboard – Accent wall
– Sheets – Armchair
– Blankets – Rug
– Pillows – Artwork
– Curtains – Flowers


Royal Blue Elements Burnt Orange Elements
– Desk – Bulletin board
– Walls – Office supplies
– Chair – Keyboard
– Shelving – Lamp
– Wastebasket – Artwork
– Decor items – Flowers

As you can see, the color placement will vary depending on the function and layout of the space. Use these examples as inspiration when decorating your own rooms.


Although they seem highly contrasting at first, royal blue and burnt orange can work surprisingly well together. By balancing the colors thoughtfully and creatively, you can use this bold duo to craft stylish, lively designs across all types of mediums.

With the insights in this article, you should now feel equipped to use royal blue and burnt orange successfully in your own graphic design, fashion, interior design, and other projects. Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with different textures, patterns, and color ratios. When used strategically, this electric color pairing is guaranteed to grab attention while also remaining tasteful and sophisticated.