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Can I wear blue colour on tuesday?

Wearing different colors on different days of the week has long been a practice in some cultures around the world. The idea is that each color represents different qualities and energies, so wearing a certain color on a certain day is thought to bring specific benefits. Blue is often recommended to wear on Tuesdays. But what does this really mean, and is there any truth behind it?

The Meaning Behind Wearing Blue on Tuesdays

In color therapy and color symbolism, blue represents patience, peace, intuition, and openness. It invokes a calming energy and is associated with relaxation. As Tuesday is named after the Norse god Týr, who was associated with law and justice, blue is considered an appropriate color for Tuesdays because of these dignified, lawful qualities.

Here is a quick overview of the symbolic meaning behind wearing blue on Tuesdays:

  • Calming and relieving – blue has a calming effect on the mind and body.
  • Intuition and inspiration – blue aids creativity and deep thinking.
  • Honesty and communication – blue relates to expressing your truth.
  • Focus – blue helps concentration and clarity.
  • Peace and relaxation – blue reduces stress and creates peaceful feelings.
  • Trust and responsibility – blue represents strength of character.

So wearing blue on Tuesdays is thought to promote calmness, open communication, intuitive thinking, and integrity. It sets the tone for a productive day.

Is There Science Behind It?

There have been some scientific studies on how color can affect moods, behaviors, and even performance. Blue light has been shown to boost attention, reaction times, and mood. One study found that exposure to the color blue produced effects like increased relaxation and reduced anxiety.

Wearing blue may also relate to bioenergy fields. Some believe blue has bioenergetic properties that can balance energy flows in the human body when worn close to the skin. However, more research is still needed on the bioenergetic effects of blue.

So while the idea of wearing blue on Tuesdays stems largely from spiritual and symbolic beliefs, there is some early evidence that blue may have real effects on the mind and body in terms of promoting calmness, focus, and intuitive thinking.

Studies on Effects of Blue

Study Findings
University of Rochester (2007) Exposing study participants to blue LED light boosted attention, reaction times, and mood compared to exposure to violet/purple light.
PLOS One (2018) Blues and cyans were found to elicit the most relaxation and the least anxiety compared to red, green, yellow and achromatic stimuli.
International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications (2014) Study participants performed better on cognitive tests after exposure to blue than participants exposed to red or a control color. Blue boosted task performance.

When is the Best Time to Wear Blue?

While Tuesdays are viewed as the optimal day to harness the positive energies of blue, you can wear blue any day of the week. Blue is considered beneficial no matter when you wear it. However, some recommendations include:

  • Mondays – Blue can have a motivating, rejuvenating effect when starting the work week.
  • Tuesdays – As discussed above, blue pairs nicely with Týr and the lawful, integrity-focused qualities of Tuesdays.
  • Thursdays – Blue complements Thursday, named for Thor, as it promotes focus and concentration.
  • Fridays – Blue can have a freeing energy to end the work week and begin relaxing.
  • Sundays – For spiritual reflection and intuitive insights.

Blue is really thought to be helpful any day you want to cultivate calmness, peace, intuition, honesty, concentration, or integrity. But Tuesdays are seen as its most fitting match.

Tips for Wearing Blue on Tuesdays

Here are some tips if you want to wear blue on Tuesdays to align with its meaning and purported benefits:

  • Choose a shade of blue you find calming, relaxing or inspiring. Light blue is especially peaceful.
  • Add blue accents to your outfit like a scarf, tie, shoes, jewelry, etc. Don’t overdo it.
  • Aim for blue clothing close to your skin to maximize bioenergetic effects.
  • Incorporate blue in your environment – blue décor, lighting, or electronics.
  • Enhance the power of blue with meditation, calming music, aromatherapy using relaxing essential oils, or spending time in nature on Tuesdays.
  • Reflect on the qualities you want to cultivate that day and set an intention to allow blue to inspire and guide you.

Blue Gemstones to Wear

Certain blue gemstones are also recommended to further promote the benefits of blue on Tuesdays. Some top choices include:

  • Sapphire – aids insight, mental clarity and focus.
  • Blue lace agate – alleviates anxiety and helps communication.
  • Blue topaz – inspires creativity and expression.
  • Blue tourmaline – boosts empathy, compassion and emotional stability.
  • Aquamarine – provides calmness and enhances intuition and perception.

Does It Really Matter What Color You Wear?

At the end of the day, there is no absolute requirement to wear blue on Tuesdays, or any color on any given day. While the symbolic meaning and purported benefits are interesting, this color wearing practice is a personal choice.

There may be some scientific evidence that blue can positively impact mood, focus and relaxation due to its effects on the mind and body. But how much you intentionally harness these benefits through wearing blue is up to the individual.

Potential Benefits of Wearing Blue on Tuesdays

Physical Mental Emotional
– Lowered blood pressure
– Reduced stress hormones
– Balanced bioenergy
– Boosted concentration
– Enhanced intuition
– Calmness and relaxation
– Reduced anxiety
– Peaceful feelings
– Open self-expression

Some people firmly believe in wearing certain colors on certain days as a spiritual practice. For others, choosing to wear blue on Tuesdays is a fun way to see if they can notice any of the reputed effects.

The Power of Intention

Even if the act of wearing a certain color on a certain day has no physical effect on its own, the power of mindset and intention should not be underestimated. If you wear blue on Tuesdays with the specific intention to feel calm, think clearly, be creative, and act with integrity, you are more likely to consciously and subconsciously cultivate those qualities within yourself.

Setting an intention and reminding yourself of the meaning behind your color choice can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. So whether the effects come from any bioenergetic properties of blue or the ability of your mindset to influence your behaviors, wearing blue on Tuesdays can certainly be worth a try.


Wearing blue on Tuesdays stems from spiritual and symbolic beliefs about color energies. Blue represents calmness, integrity, intuition and focus – qualities thought to complement Tuesdays in particular. Some scientific studies show blue light can positively impact attention, mood, and relaxation. So there may be real mental and physical effects. At the end of the day, choosing to wear blue on Tuesdays is an individual choice. But with the right intention to align your mindset with the meaning behind the color blue, it can potentially be a beneficial spiritual practice and self-fulfilling prophecy.