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Can I watch color rush on netflix?

Netflix offers an extensive library of television shows and movies to stream on-demand, but not every title is available in every country. The availability of titles depends on the streaming licenses in each region. So can you watch the popular Korean drama Color Rush on Netflix?

What is Color Rush?

Color Rush (Korean: 컬러러시) is a Korean BL drama series that premiered on YouTube in 2020. It tells the story of two high school boys, Yoo Han and Park Jae Min, who start seeing the world in monochrome tones and later develop the ability to see color when they meet their soulmate. The series explores the journey of their relationship as the two boys try to understand the meaning behind this phenomenon.

Color Rush gained popularity among international viewers for its LGBTQ+ representation and vibrant visuals reflecting the characters’ perspectives. It stars Kim Yo Han as Yoo Han and Lee Cho Hee as Park Jae Min in the lead roles. The series has 16 episodes, with each episode approximately 15 minutes long.

Is Color Rush available on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Color Rush is not currently available to stream on Netflix in any region. The series has not been licensed by Netflix for streaming on its platform. Since its release in 2020, the rights have remained with the production company that created the show.

Many Netflix regions like the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and most of Europe do not have Color Rush in the Netflix content library at all. The show is also not on Netflix in South Korea, where it was produced. However, the full series is available to watch on YouTube for free with ads.

Why isn’t Color Rush on Netflix?

There are a few reasons why Color Rush is not streaming on Netflix:

  • Netflix does not own the streaming rights. The production company behind Color Rush, Bluering, handles distribution rights. They would need to strike a licensing deal with Netflix for the show to be added.
  • As a smaller Korean series, it may not be as high on Netflix’s priority list for international content acquisition.
  • The LGBTQ+ themes and BL genre of the show do not fit neatly into Netflix’s current content strategy for South Korean entertainment, which tends to favor mainstream dramas.

Many fans hoped Color Rush would be picked up by Netflix given the streaming platform’s recent investments in Korean media. However, licensing deals depend on negotiations between distributors and streamers, so there is still a chance the series could come to Netflix in the future if a deal is reached.

How to watch Color Rush legally

Even though Color Rush isn’t on Netflix, there are still a few legal ways to watch the series:

  • YouTube – The entire series is available on Bluering’s official YouTube channel. You can watch it free with ads.
  • Viki – The series is available on the Korean drama streaming service Viki with English subtitles. Viki has a membership fee to access its full library.
  • Amazon Prime Video – In some countries like the USA and UK, you can buy full seasons or single episodes on Prime Video.
  • Apple iTunes – Full seasons and episodes are available for purchase on iTunes in select countries.

Will Color Rush ever be on Netflix?

There is always a possibility that Color Rush could be added to Netflix in the future. However, Netflix has not announced any plans to stream the show. Fans may need to keep waiting for now.

Whether Netflix picks up the license depends largely on demand and viewing trends. If Color Rush sees a surge in popularity, that could motivate Netflix to pursue the streaming rights. The company has acquired Korean BL titles like Where Your Eyes Linger after seeing international fan interest.

But Color Rush’s distribution company Bluering would need to be open to making a deal. Their strategy seems focused on YouTube for now. Hopefully, as the show’s fanbase grows, the parties involved can reach an agreement to bring Color Rush to Netflix someday.

Other Korean dramas to watch on Netflix

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Unfortunately, the popular Korean BL drama Color Rush is not currently available to stream on Netflix. The series would need to be licensed out by its production company Bluering for Netflix to acquire the streaming rights. For now, fans can watch Color Rush legally on YouTube, Viki, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple iTunes.

There is still hope the show could come to Netflix in the future, if demand continues growing and a licensing deal can be reached. In the meantime, check out some of the great Korean dramas you can already watch on Netflix for your binge-viewing needs.