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Can I put green over purple hair?

Putting green dye over purple hair is possible, but it requires some preparation for the best results. When dyeing hair, the underlying pigment can interact with the new color in ways that produce unexpected results. With some planning, you can successfully dye green over purple hair.

What Happens When You Put Green Dye on Purple Hair

When you apply green dye to purple hair, the resulting color will be a mix of the two shades. The specific outcome depends on the tone and intensity of each color. For example:

  • Dark purple + green = murky brown or olive green
  • Light purple + green = dark teal or green with purple tint
  • Vibrant purple + bright green = very dark green or greenish brown

Without proper preparation, the colors will likely mix into a muddy, unappealing result. But you can avoid this with some planning.

Preparing and Dyeing Purple Hair Green

Follow these steps for the best results when dyeing green over purple hair:

  1. Wash hair with clarifying shampoo several times to fade the purple pigment. This will make the purple more receptive to the green dye.
  2. Optionally, you can strip the purple with a color remover. This removes more of the purple pigment for a cleaner slate.
  3. If the hair is still bright purple, apply a protein filler before the green dye. This fills in porous areas and allows better color deposit.
  4. Use a green semi-permanent dye formulated for unusual hair colors. Permanent dyes can react unpredictably with purple undertones.
  5. Choose a rich, dark green dye for the best coverage. Light greens will mix with the purple more noticeably.
  6. Process the green dye according to the instructions for the fullest color results.

Maintaining Green Over Purple Hair

Once you’ve successfully dyed your hair green, maintenance is required to keep it looking vibrant:

  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and cool water to retain color as long as possible.
  • Apply a tint-restoring conditioning mask weekly to refresh the green color.
  • Avoid chlorinated water and heat styling to prevent excessive fading.
  • Use a green semi-permanent dye for non-damaging touch-ups as needed.

FAQs About Dyeing Hair Green Over Purple

How long does the process take?

It takes 2-3 hours to fully prepare and dye purple hair green, including removing past dye, applying protein filler, and processing the new color.

Does order matter for purple and green dye?

Yes, order is important! Dyeing purple over bright green will mix into a dark teal or blue-green shade. But dyeing green over purple allows the most true green result.

Can you skip the purple removal steps?

It’s best not to skip removal of the old purple dye. This allows the truest green color. If you skip removal, be prepared for the two colors to mix unpredictably.


Dyeing over purple hair with a vibrant green can produce beautiful results. But special preparation is needed to avoid ending up with a muddy, murky color. Remove existing dye, fill the hair, and use a dark, rich green semi-permanent formula for hair that’s freshly green rather than greenish-brown. With some planning, you can rock a gorgeous green color on your formerly purple locks.