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Can deep Autumn wear burgundy?

As an SEO writer assistant, I can provide some quick answers about whether those with deep autumn color palettes can wear burgundy. Burgundy is a rich, deep red color that flatters many different skin tones and hair colors. In the opening paragraphs, I’ll summarize some key points about burgundy and deep autumn color palettes.

Quick Answers

In short:

  • Yes, deep autumn skin tones can typically wear burgundy well, as it complements the warmth and depth of their complexions.
  • Burgundy is a dark, muted red that aligns with the characteristics of a deep autumn palette.
  • Deep autumn skin often has an olive/golden undertone that burgundy enhances.
  • Richer, darker shades of red like burgundy work better for deep autumn than brighter reds.
  • Deep autumn women with dark brown, black, or chestnut hair colors are especially flattered by burgundy.

The key reasons why burgundy complements a deep autumn color palette are because of its darkness, mutedness, and warmth. Let’s explore why in more detail.

What is Deep Autumn?

In color analysis for wardrobe and beauty, the term “deep autumn” refers to one of the 12 seasonal color palettes. The deep autumn palette is characterized by:

  • Warm, golden brown skin undertones
  • Darker complexions and features
  • Dark brown, black, or chestnut hair
  • Eyes that are often very dark brown or hazel

Some examples of celebrities with deep autumn coloring include Sophia Loren, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Jessica Alba. Deep autumn skin tones often have an olive or golden glow to them.

Deep Autumn Color Palette

The colors that look best on someone with deep autumn coloring are rich, warm hues that harmonize with their skin’s olive/golden undertones. These include:

  • Burgundy
  • Deep reds
  • Forest greens
  • Golden browns
  • Mustard yellow
  • Terracotta
  • Teal

Deep autumn is considered a rich, saturated palette. However, the colors are not overly bright. Instead, they have a muted, earthy quality.

How Burgundy Complements Deep Autumn

Specifically, here is why burgundy is such a flattering shade for deep autumn color palettes:

  • Darkness – Burgundy has a deep, dark hue that matches and complements the depth of deep autumn skin and hair.
  • Warmth – Burgundy has red-orange undertones that harmonize with the golden, olive undertones of this seasonal palette.
  • Mutedness – Burgundy is a more muted, dusty red. It aligns with the muted quality of deep autumn coloring better than bright, clear reds.

Burgundy’s richness shows up beautifully against the dark base of deep autumn features. It enhances the wearer’s golden brown skin and dark eyes without overwhelming them.

Deep Autumn Hair Color

Those with deep autumn coloring often have neutral-cool undertones in their hair – either dark brown, black, or chestnut shades. Burgundy is an ideal color for bringing warmth and dimension to these dark cool hair colors. It comes across as a vibrant jewel tone.

Deep Autumn Hair Color Good Matching Clothing Colors
Dark brown Burgundy, mustard yellow, teal
Black Burgundy, emerald green, rust orange
Chestnut brown Burgundy, camel, hunter green

As shown in this table, burgundy is one of the top color matches for all common deep autumn hair colors.

Burgundy vs Bright Red

Why does burgundy work better for this palette than brighter reds? Brighter, clear reds provide too much contrast against deep autumn features. They can sometimes make the complexion look sallow or washed out. Burgundy’s mutedness and subtlety is a better match for olive-golden skin.

Deep Autumn Makeup

Burgundy is also a staple shade for deep autumn makeup looks. It brings out the wearer’s eyes beautifully and gives a healthy glow to the cheeks. Here are some ways to wear it:

  • Lip color – Deep autumn women look great in burgundy lipstick or lip gloss. Pair a burgundy lip with bronze eye makeup.
  • Blush – Dust a shimmering burgundy blush along the cheekbones to warm up an olive complexion.
  • Eyeshadow – Use metallic burgundy shadow on the lids with black mascara for a sultry eye look.
  • Nails – Burgundy is an autumnal upgrade from basic red nail polish. It especially flatters olive skin tones.

Burgundy Clothing for Deep Autumn

When building a deep autumn wardrobe, burgundy is a versatile neutral that combines effortlessly with other palette colors. Here are some ways to wear it:

  • Tops – Pair a burgundy sweater or blouse with jeans, olive pants, or navy.
  • Dresses – A shift, wrap, or A-line burgundy dress flatters deep autumn figures.
  • Blazers – As a jacket or blazer, burgundy polishes up casual fall outfits.
  • Shoes – Heels, booties, flats – deep autumn women can wear burgundy shoes with nearly anything.
  • Handbags – A burgundy purse or tote bag creates an elegant, pulled-together look.

Burgundy layers beautifully over black, brown, and neutral basics that are also key pieces for this seasonal wardrobe.


In summary, burgundy is an ideal color for deep autumn palettes. Its muted, earthy red tone complements the olive-golden warmth and depth of this skin type. Burgundy brings out the richness and dimension of deep autumn features in clothing, makeup, and more. Along with other signature deep autumn shades, it’s a staple that flatters and harmonizes beautifully.