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Can blondes dye their hair red?

Can blondes dye their hair red?

Blondes who wish to dye their hair red face both opportunities and challenges. On one hand, blond hair’s light base makes it easier to lift to the pale tones needed for vibrant red shades. On the other hand, achieving a natural-looking red requires careful color choice and technique. Understanding the interaction between your natural hair color, the dye color, and your desired results is key to success.

Can Blondes Successfully Dye Their Hair Red?

The short answer is yes, blondes can absolutely dye their hair red if done correctly. Blonde hair lacks the underlying warm pigment that gives red hair its rich color, but a good colorist can work with your natural tone to mix a red shade that looks great. With the right preparations and maintenance, blondes can enjoy stunning red hair.

Best Red Shades for Blondes

Choosing the right red hue is crucial for blondes. Here are some top options:

Copper – Warmer copper reds with golden or orange undertones are flattering on blondes. The fiery shades complement light skin and bring warmth to cool complexions.

Strawberry blonde – For a natural yet vibrant red, strawberry blonde mixes golden blonde and red tones. It’s an ideal red for blondes who want to gently enhance their color.

Cherry cola – These shades combine rich red with pops of deep burgundy. The touch of cool tones balances out warm skin.

Blue-based reds – Blondes with pinker skin can rock these ruby and garnet reds with blue-violet undertones. They bring out blue eyes and fair complexions.

How to Prepare Blonde Hair for Dyeing Red

Prepping your hair is vital for optimal red color results. Here are some tips:

– Shampoo with a clarifying shampoo 2-3 days before coloring to remove product buildup

– Avoid using conditioner or masks right before dyeing as they can create a barrier

– Fill porous and damaged areas with a protein filler to even out hair’s texture

– Use a color remover on hair with yellow tones to neutralize brassiness

– Lighten hair to a pale yellow base if needed to avoid orange or muddy undertones

– Apply a red-hued gloss 1-2 weeks prior to boost red tones in hair strands

How to Dye Blonde Hair Red

Here is a step-by-step guide to dyeing blonde hair red at home:

1. Prep your hair as described above 2-3 days beforehand.

2. Mix the red dye according to instructions. Choose a semi-permanent or demi-permanent formula.

3. Section clean, dry hair into four quarters. Start applying dye at the back sections.

4. Thoroughly saturate each section with dye from roots to ends.

5. Let the dye process for 25-45 minutes checking regularly for desired color depth.

6. Rinse thoroughly with cool water until water runs clear. Use a sulfate-free shampoo.

7. Apply the included conditioning treatment and leave on 2-5 minutes.

8. Rinse again, then towel blot hair and air dry the rest of the way.

9. Wait 48 hours before first shampoo to allow the cuticle to fully close.

Professional Dyeing For Best Results

While you can dye your blonde hair red at home, visiting a professional colorist is best for optimal, long-lasting results. Here’s why:

– They can thoroughly fill and prep hair, avoiding missed spots

– They have access to high quality salon dye brands and developer volumes

– They know techniques like balayage and babylights to blend new growth

– They can customize the red hue and depth perfectly for your skin tone

– They apply toners and gloss to ensure the right shade post-dye

– They advise you on proper at-home care to keep red vibrant

Though more costly upfront, professional dyeing helps the red last longer and fade gracefully. It’s a wise investment for gorgeous color.

How to Maintain Dyed Red Hair

Red hair color has a tendency to fade quickly. Here are some products and tips to make it last:

– Use sulfate-free shampoo and lukewarm water to wash

– Shampoo less often, only lathering roots to preserve color

– Use an intensive red-hued conditioner or mask weekly

– Apply a color-depositing gloss or glaze between dye jobs

– Use leave-in treatments with UV filters to prevent fading

– Switch to satin pillowcases and avoid abrasive hair bands

– Get a color refresh touch-up every 4-6 weeks at the salon

With proper maintenance, your vibrant red hair color can maintain its richness for months.

Troubleshooting Dyeing Blonde Hair Red

Some common challenges can arise when dyeing blonde hair red. Here is some troubleshooting:

Problem: Hair comes out orangey or brassy

– Yellow tones weren’t pre-lightened enough prior to dyeing
– Hair wasn’t prepped to fill porous areas
– Red shade is too warm for your skin tone
Solution: Use a toner on orange areas then try again with an ashier red.

Problem: Color quickly fades and looks dull

– Red dye wasn’t left on long enough
– Hair wasn’t properly conditioned and sealed after
– Daily care is too harsh and stripping color
Solution: Opt for a darker ruby shade and maintain with a weekly conditioning mask.

Problem: Regrowth looks stripey and obvious

– New growth comes in warmer than dyed lengths
– No toner or glaze used to blend color
Solution: Get a root shadow or balayage touch-up to help blend new growth.

Problem: Red dye bleeds and stains

– Formula contains a less stable red pigment
– Cuticle wasn’t fully sealed after dyeing
– Hair wasn’t rinsed for long enough
Solution: Switch to a higher-quality salon brand and avoid reds with PPD pigments. Rinse with very cold water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you just put red dye over blonde hair?

It’s not recommended to put vivid red dye directly on pale blonde hair without prep as it can come out pink or orangey. Always fill and tonally adjust hair first.

What is the best red hair dye for blonde hair?

Look for shades like light copper, ginger, or strawberry blonde. Avoid fire engine reds. Choose demi- or semi-permanent dyes from salons like Redken, Matrix, or Wella for gentler formulas.

Does red hair fade faster on blondes?

Yes, red tends to fade quicker on porous blonde hair than on brunettes. Boost color by mixing dye with a protein filler and maintain it with red-hued conditioners and gloss treatments.

Can you go from blonde to red without bleaching?

If your base is a light level 8 blonde, you may be able to dye it red without bleaching. But any darker, and you’ll need lightening first to avoid a muddy color result. Have a pro evaluate your hair.

Should you tone hair before dyeing it red?

Yes, toning before red dye helps counteract unwanted brassiness and ensure the true red shade comes through. Ashy toners cancel out yellow/orange. Violet removes pale yellow.


Dyeing blonde hair red can allow you to rock gorgeous red tones. But careful prep and maintenance is crucial. Assess your natural color and undertones, choose the right shade of red, professionally dye for best results, and consistently care for it. With some know-how, blondes can successfully achieve beautiful, vibrant red hair they love.