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Can beige be worn with any color?

Can beige be worn with any color?

Beige is a versatile neutral color that can be paired with just about anything. While beige may seem boring to some, it offers a clean, elegant look when coordinated properly. Understanding which colors complement beige best can help you create stylish outfits. In this article, we’ll explore what beige is, which colors go well with it, and tips for wearing beige confidently.

What Is Beige?

Beige is a pale, light brown color that has undertones of gray, yellow, or pink. It sits between white and light brown on the color spectrum. Beige got its name from French, where the word originally meant natural wool that has been neither bleached nor dyed.

Some common shades of beige include:

– Camel: Has orange/yellow undertones
– Cashmere: Warm, pinkish beige
– Champagne: Soft, muted brown with a slight yellow tint
– Khaki: Has green/brown undertones
– Cream: Very pale shade close to off-white
– Taupe: Has subtle gray undertones

Beige is considered a neutral color, meaning it goes well with most other shades. Both cool and warm toned colors complement beige nicely.

Best Color Matches for Beige

Beige is endlessly versatile. However, some colors pair noticeably better with beige than others. Here are the best color combinations to try with beige clothing, accessories, or decor:

Earth Tones

Shades like brown, tan, mocha, and terracotta blend seamlessly with beige. Earth tones are natural complements since they sit next to each other on the color wheel. Mixing earth tones with beige creates an organic, grounded look.

For example, pair a beige turtleneck with chocolate brown pants or a camel coat with tan boots. Use shades a few tones darker or lighter than your beige items to create visual interest.


Soft, muted pastel colors like lavender, mint, peach, and buttercream also suit beige beautifully. Pastel shades have a delicate look that works nicely with neutral beige. Plus, pastels give any beige outfit a more feminine vibe.

Some pastel color combinations to try include:

– Beige with baby blue
– Beige with pale pink
– Beige with soft yellow

To keep the look cohesive, opt for pastels with warm undertones next to camel or taupe beige. Cool-toned pastels complement cashmere or cream shades better.


Although it’s a deep hue, navy complements beige extremely well. The classic pairing of navy and beige is popular in fashion for good reason. Navy brings out the subtle warmth in beige, keeping the overall look versatile and polished.

Use navy in large pieces like dresses, coats, pants and layer beige tops, shoes or accessories. For example, style a navy shift dress with beige wedges and bag. A navy blazer over a beige sheath dress also looks sharp.


Black may seem stark next to soft beige, but it’s another timeless combination. Black adds definition and edge to muted beige. It also beautifully highlights the tone of any beige piece.

When pairing beige with black, stick to one lighter and one darker. For instance, a black pencil skirt with a beige sweater or black pants with a camel overcoat. Accessories like beige heels or a black handbag can pull the look together.

Neutral Whites or Grays

Different shades of white, off-white, and gray harmonize effortlessly with beige. Light neutrals allow the subtle tone of beige to show. Using white or gray as a neutral base, you can layer on beige coats, dresses, or accessories as a statement.

Try pairing beige with:

– Oatmeal or light gray sweater
– White button-down shirt or blouse
– Pale gray trousers
– Off-white jacket
– Cream or eggshell white sheath dress

Rich Jewel Tones

Deep, saturated jewel tones like emerald, ruby, sapphire and amethyst also pair strikingly with beige. The bold richness of jewel tones contrasts with muted beige in an elegant way. Jewel tones with blue undertones best complement warm beige shades.

Some examples of beige with jewel tones:

– Beige turtleneck with amethyst skirt
– Camel overcoat with emerald dress
– Taupe trousers with ruby colored blouse

Use jewel tones sparingly to accent beige pieces. Are more colors to avoid pairing beige closet include:

Colors that Clash with Beige

Although beige is neutral, not every color flatters it. Some shades clash with beige in an unappealing way. Colors to avoid pairing with beige include:

Bright Neons

Vibrant neon shades like lime green, orange, and hot pink tend to look garish next to muted beige. The high contrast creates too much visual stimulation. If you love neon accents, pair them with a more vibrant base color like navy or black instead of beige.

Pure Red

True red with strong blue undertones often doesn’t combine well with warm beige tones. The effect can look jarring and disconnected instead of complementary. Deeper burgundy shades with brown undertones work better with beige.

Light Tints

Very pale tints of colors like lemon yellow, lavender, sky blue, or mint green don’t flatter beige. These icy pastels often make beige look dingy in comparison. Opt for pure white rather than pale tints to maintain a clean look.

Muddy Browns

Deep brown shades with gray, green or purple undertones tend to look heavy and dreary next to beige. Lighter earth tones like camel, mocha, and tan are better matches.

Olive Green

The greenish-brown cast of olive green can clash with beige in an unappealing way. Verdant forest green is a better match for bringing out beige’s warmth.

Tips for Wearing Beige

Use these handy tips to style beige combinations with confidence:

– Layer beige with neutrals in different textures like linen, silk, leather or suede to add visual interest.

– Anchor beige pieces with darker shades like black, brown or navy in larger items like pants, skirts or jackets.

– Accessorize beige outfits with pops of jewel tones or bright white to keep the look from becoming too drab.

– Mix multiple shades of beige together for a monochromatic look. Just avoid exact color matching which looks flat.

– Add light layers like a white button-down or gray cardigan over beige dresses to avoid looking washed out.

– Look for beige pieces with interesting details like embroidery, pleating or lace trims that add texture.

Beige Color Palettes

Here are some recommended beige color palettes to inspire your outfit combinations:

Beige with Navy and White

Beige Navy White

This versatile palette pairs warm beige with classic navy and bright white. The crisp white prevents navy from feeling too somber while giving the beige warmth and definition.

Beige with Pink and Light Blue

Beige Blush Pink Baby Blue

For a feminine look, combine beige with soft pink and pastel blue. The cool and warm pastels complement the beige beautifully. Add metallics like rose gold as an accent.

Beige with Olive Green and Rust

Beige Olive Green Rust

Earthy olive green and rust orange shades make beige feel warm and natural. Use this palette for casual boho-chic styles.

Beige with Charcoal Gray and Blush

Beige Charcoal Gray Blush

Pairing beige with dark charcoal gray gives it a moody, sophisticated look. A pop of rosy blush pink keeps it feminine. This palette works well for evening.

Beige with Sapphire Blue and White

Beige Sapphire Blue White

The rich contrast of sapphire blue accentuates light beige gorgeously. Crisp white prevents the palette from feeling too heavy. Try this combination for events or formal wear.


Beige deserves more appreciation as a versatile neutral that complements both warm and cool tones. Pairing beige with navy, black, deep browns, jewel tones, and earth tones brings out its subtle beauty. Avoid neons, muddier shades, and pale tints that can clash unflatteringly. With so many combinations, beige can suit any style or occasion. Experiment and have fun mixing this soft neutral into your wardrobe.