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Can a winter palette be blonde?

As a style and fashion consultant, I’m often asked if blonde hair can work with a winter color palette. Many blonde women worry that their light locks clash with the deep, jewel-toned hues that dominate winter palettes. However, the answer isn’t as simple as a flat-out yes or no. With the right approach, blonde hair can absolutely complement a winter palette beautifully.

What is a winter palette?

First, let’s examine what a winter palette actually entails. The winter color palette is characterized by deep, rich colors with a cool undertone. While many people immediately think of colors like emerald, sapphire, and plum, the winter palette also encompasses icy pastels like icy pink, pale blue, and lavender. The unifying theme among all these shades is that they have a cool bluish undertone, rather than warm yellowish ones. This cool undertone is crucial when considering pairings with blonde hair.

Choosing the right blonde for winter

Blonde hair has many possible shades and undertones. Platinum, ash, sandy, golden, strawberry, and buttery blondes can all look very different against a winter palette. The key is choosing blonde shades that also have a predominant cool undertone. Icy platinum blondes and ash blondes with no warmth work best. Avoid golden blonde shades, as these will clash with the cool tones in your winter palette.

Blonde Undertone Compatibility with Winter Palette
Platinum and Icy Blonde Excellent
Ash Blonde Excellent
Golden Blonde Poor
Strawberry Blonde Poor

As shown in the table above, platinum, icy, and ash blondes with blue undertones complement a winter palette beautifully. The cool yellow-blue tones enhance the cooler hues in the winter color scheme. Warm golden and strawberry blondes create too much contrast and disconnect.

Makeup tips for blonde winter palettes

Adjusting your makeup when pairing blonde hair with a winter palette can make a big impact. Here are some tips:

  • Use pink or mauve blush rather than peach/bronze shades
  • Try frosty eyeshadow in lavender, ice blue, or cool grays
  • Swap out golden bronzers for cool-toned contour powders
  • Opt for berry or neutral lipstick shades

These small tweaks help reinforce the cool tones already present in your winter color scheme and blonde hair, creating harmony in your overall look.

Jewelry and accessory pairings

Jewelry and accessories offer another chance to create cohesion between blonde hair and the winter palette. Metallic accessories like silver, platinum, and white gold better complement blonde locks and icy winter hues than warm yellow gold. For jewels, diamonds, clear crystals, and icy colored stones like sapphires, emeralds, and aquamarines are ideal pairings. Finally, winter-themed accessories like pearl snowflake pins or glittering snowflake earrings can provide the perfect finishing touch.

Best winter clothing colors for blonde hair

When dressing in winter colors with blonde hair, aim for shades that enhance your overall cool-toned aesthetic. Here are some of the best winter clothing colors to choose:

Winter Color Compatibility with Blonde Hair
Icy Pink Excellent
Royal Blue Excellent
Emerald Green Excellent
Rich Purple Excellent
Burgundy Excellent
Charcoal Grey Excellent
Camel Poor

Pairing cool-toned winter colors like frosty pinks, icy blues, deep emeralds, and rich plums with blonde hair creates a perfectly unified winter look. Avoid warm neutrals like tans and camels, as these can clash.

Style tips and inspiration

Here are some chic winter outfit examples that pair blonde hair beautifully with a winter palette:

  • A platinum bob with a royal purple turtleneck sweater and charcoal trousers
  • Icy blonde pixie cut with an emerald shift dress and pink suede heels
  • Ash blonde lob with a flowy periwinkle midi skirt and navy belted coat
  • Straight platinum locks with burgundy cigarette pants, icy pink blouse, and diamond earrings

Have fun mixing various cool-toned winter shades together for gorgeous looks. Theoptions are endless!


Blonde hair can absolutely be paired beautifully with a winter color palette. The keys are choosing blonde shades with cool, icy undertones, complementing those tones with your makeup and accessories, and sticking to cool-toned winter clothing colors. With the right approach, blonde hair can look just as wintry and glamorous as deeper brunette shades.

As a blonde myself with a strong winter coloring, I’ve developed go-to strategies for making my fair tresses work harmoniously with this palette. Don’t be afraid to embrace bold winter shades – with a few styling tweaks, you can look perfectly pulled together. Your blonde locks will shine like freshly fallen snow against the icy backdrop of a winter palette.