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Are grey walls good for bedroom?

Are grey walls good for bedroom?

Grey walls have become increasingly popular in bedrooms over the past few years. Many people are drawn to the neutral and calming effect that grey can have in a sleeping space. However, grey is a controversial color choice for bedrooms. Some interior designers swear by it, while others advise staying away from grey walls in the bedroom.

The Pros of Grey Bedroom Walls

There are several potential benefits to using the color grey for bedroom walls:

  • Calming – Grey is considered a calm, neutral color that can promote relaxation in a bedroom. This helps create a soothing environment for sleep.
  • Versatile – Grey walls serve as a blank canvas and allow you to easily incorporate pops of color through bedding, furniture, artwork, etc. Many different design styles work well with grey.
  • Light Reflection – Light grey walls can help reflect light and make a small bedroom feel more spacious.
  • Textural Interest – Greys with undertones or layers of color provide visual depth and texture to walls.
  • Timeless – Greys have been popular for decades and tend to have more staying power than bolder color trends that come and go.

The Cons of Grey Bedroom Walls

However, there are also some potential drawbacks associated with grey bedroom walls:

  • Coldness – Grey can come across as clinical, stark, or depressing if not done well. It lacks the warmth of tan, beige, or other creamy neutrals.
  • Drabness – Large expanses of light grey can feel boring or dreary. Dark greys can feel gloomy if not balanced with lighter tones.
  • Maintenance – Greys show more dirt, smudges, and imperfections than white. They require frequent touch ups.
  • Difficulty Coordinating – It can be tricky balancing cool greys with warm woods, orangey metals, etc. Grey doesn’t automatically work with every color.
  • Draining – Some people find grey emotionally draining or depressing when surrounded by it. It can seem emotionless.

Tips for Decorating With Grey Bedroom Walls

If you want to use grey paint on your bedroom walls, here are some tips to get the look right:

  • Go for warm greys with tan, beige or brown undertones to keep the room feeling cozy and inviting.
  • Use multiple shades of grey on walls for visual interest. Paint using a darker grey on bottom halves and lighter greys above.
  • Add contrast with white trim, ceiling, and moldings so grey walls don’t blend into each other.
  • Warm up grey walls with wood furniture and textured bedding in natural fibers.
  • Paint or hang artwork in bold accent colors like teal, yellow, or green to keep grey from looking flat.
  • Incorporate metallic finishes like gold, rose gold, or brass for a glamorous look.
  • Layer rugs, window treatments, and bedding to introduce pattern and softness.

Best Grey Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Here are some of the most popular and attractive grey paint colors for bedrooms:

  • Benjamin Moore Chelsea Grey – A warm, inviting medium grey with beige undertones.
  • Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray – A light, greige shade that reads as a soft neutral.
  • Behr Pale Oak – A light tan-influenced grey that works well with wood tones.
  • Benjamin Moore Gray Owl – A charcoal grey that adds drama but isn’t too dark.
  • Valspar Rock Cobblestone – A stone-influenced grey with more brown than blue/green undertones.
  • PPG Perennial Sage – A green-grey that brings a subtle pop of color.
  • Sherwin-Williams Mindful Gray – A calming, hazy blue-gray shade.
  • Behr Blueprint Slate – A darker slate grey that looks almost blue in some lights.

Bedroom Colors That Go With Grey Walls

Grey walls provide a versatile backdrop for many different accent colors. Here are some top combinations:

  • Creamy white, beige, or tan
  • Light blue
  • Sage green
  • Soft pink or rose
  • Purple or lavender
  • Bold patterns featuring multiple colors
  • Warm metallics like gold, brass, or copper
  • Crisp black and white
  • Pale yellow
  • Navy blue

20 Grey Bedroom Ideas

Need inspiration for designing a stylish grey bedroom? Here are 20 gorgeous grey bedroom ideas:

1. Soft Green and Grey Bedroom

Pair grey walls with mint green and white for a calm, spa-like retreat. Incorporate natural textures like woven woods, linens, and jute rugs.

2. Blush and Grey Girly Bedroom

Grey walls allow the pink linen bedding, curtains, and accessories to really pop. Add in gold accents for glamorous contrast.

3. Grey with Patterns and Metallics

Make grey exciting by layering bold graphic pillows, buffalo check bedding, and hammered metal nightstands.

4. Grey and Purple Bedroom

Violet and lavender complement grey so nicely. Introduce color through bedding, artwork, and a patterned area rug.

5. Dramatic Dark Grey Bedroom

For modern edge, go for a dark charcoal grey on the walls. Lighten up with crisp white bedding and trim work.

6. Cozy Grey and Yellow Bedroom

Warm up grey walls and bedding with touches of golden yellow. Use yellow in artwork, pillows, and accessories.

7. Rustic Grey Bedroom

Achieve rustic charm with wood beams, reclaimed furniture, and touches of greenery. Use multiple grey tones.

8. Grey Bedroom with Colorful Artwork

Make grey walls exciting by hanging modern colorful art prints above the bed in complementary hues.

9. Grey with Natural Textures

Prevent grey from feeling cold by layering in wood furniture, jute rugs, linen bedding and curtain panels.

10. Romantic Floral Grey Bedroom

Feminine florals look dreamy against grey walls. Accent with marble nightstands and gilded mirrors.

11. Grey Glam Bedroom

Go glam with shimmery bedding, mirrored furniture, and silver and grey damask wallpaper behind the bed.

12. Light Blue and Grey Bedroom

Robin egg blue adds soothing contrast to grey walls. Pull in the blue through bedding, art, and accessories.

13. Shared Kids Grey Bedroom

Use fun colorful bedding, wall decals, and artwork so a grey shared kids room doesn’t feel too mature.

14. Grey with Black and White Bedroom

Grey sets off crisp black and white patterns beautifully. Add in wood tones for warmth.

15. Grey Bedroom with Brick Accent Wall

Make a stunning statement by painting an accent wall or fireplace surround dark charcoal grey brick.

16. Mid-Century Grey Bedroom

Play up grey’s modern, sophisticated vibe by incorporating clean-lined wood furniture and retro accents.

17. Grey Bedroom with Colorful Nightstands

Colorful lacquer furniture pops against grey. Continue color through lamps, art, and bedding.

18. Luxe Grey Bedroom

Go glam with mirrored and gold nightstands, shimmery bedding, patterned velvet pillows and fur throws.

19. Industrial Grey Bedroom

Exposed brick, metal accents, and edison bulb lighting complement soft grey in an industrial bedroom.

20. Coastal Grey Bedroom

Keep grey beachy with weathered wood furniture, seashells, and textures like linen, jute, and rattan.


Grey bedroom walls certainly have advantages, but also disadvantages that are important to consider. The most success with grey walls comes from choosing warm, complex greys and complementing them with many layers of color, texture, metallics, and patterns. Used strategically alongside other hues in bedding, furnishings, artwork and accessories, grey walls can be an anchoring backdrop that allows other colors to pop. But large unbroken expanses of cold, flat greys could read as uninspiring or depressing. In the end, it comes down to personal preference. If you are drawn to grey for its calm, soothing qualities then it can work beautifully. But it’s important to decorate with contrast and personality so the room doesn’t end up monotonous. With thoughtful design choices, grey can be the perfect elegant, versatile neutral for bedrooms.