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Are blue grey eyes attractive?

Are blue grey eyes attractive?

Blue grey eyes are a rare and unique eye color that many people find quite beautiful and attractive. They are a mix between blue and grey that results in a muted, cool tone. The amount of grey and blue can vary in different people, creating many different shades of blue grey. While beauty is subjective, blue grey eyes are often admired for their striking and mesmerizing appearance.

The Origins and Genetics of Blue Grey Eyes

Blue grey eyes are genetically linked to having less melanin (pigment) in the iris of the eyes. Brown eyes have a lot of melanin, while blue eyes have very low levels. Blue grey eyes fall somewhere in between, with medium levels of melanin.

The main genes that influence eye color are OCA2 and HERC2. HERC2 regulates OCA2, which codes for melanin production. Blue grey eyes occur when people have genetic variants of these two genes that result in less melanin production compared to brown eyes, but more than blue eyes.

The Rarity and Geographic Spread of Blue Grey Eyes

Only around 8% of the global population is estimated to have blue grey eyes. They are much rarer than blue eyes or green eyes. While exact statistics are difficult to find, their relative rarity adds to their allure and attractiveness.

Blue grey eyes appear to be the most common in Northern and Eastern Europe. Some research suggests certain countries like Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Russia, and Lithuania have higher rates of blue grey eyes, perhaps as high as 20-30% in some areas. They are less common in Southern Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The Spectrum of Blue Grey Eye Colors and Shades

There are many possible shades of blue grey eyes due to differences in melanin levels and ratios of blue to grey. They include:

Blue grey shade Description
Light silvery blue grey More blue than grey, with a piercing icy look
Blue with grey around pupil Vibrant blue outer color with grey inner circle
Dark charcoal grey blue More grey than blue, with a smoky, sultry look
Steel blue grey Intense, metallic silvery shade
Pale slate blue Dull, light blueish grey shade

The different hues and depths of blue grey can evoke different feelings and personalities. Some appear sharp and icy, while others seem soft and hazy. But they are all equally striking.

What Causes the Grey Tones in Blue Grey Eyes?

So what causes the signature grey tones that distinguish blue grey eyes from regular blue? There are a few possible explanations:

– The grey comes from additional low levels of brown melanin pigment in the iris that mixes with the blue.

– A thicker fibrous tissue layer called the stroma in the iris can also impart a greyish appearance.

– The scarcity of melanin allows more light to refract and reflect off different pigments in the eye, producing a grey look.

– Blue grey eyes may have flecks or tiny amounts of other colors like gold, brown, or hazel mixed in that can add grey.

Essentially, the greyness arises from structural differences and additional colors that dilute the intensity of the blue. This added depth and complexity is part of what makes blue greys so stunning.

Do People Find Blue Grey Eyes More Attractive Than Other Eye Colors?

When it comes to blue grey eyes and attractiveness, there are a few things to consider:

Pros Cons
– Rare and unique – Some prefer brighter colors like green or blue
– Rich, complex color – Grey can seem cold or dull to some
– Beautiful and alluring to many – Less vibrant and striking than purer colors
– Associated with mystery and allure

Some research has shown that heterochromia (two different eye colors) and rare eye colors like green and grey are found most attractive. However, personal preferences also play a large role.

Some people are naturally drawn to the complexity and rarity of blue grey eyes. Others may find them less striking than brighter, pure blue eyes. Blue grey can also sometimes appear cold compared to warmer brown tones.

Overall, blue grey eyes have a unique beauty that many find alluring. But attractiveness is also subjective. The range of blue greys allows people’s beauty to shine through in different ways.

Celebrities With Striking Blue Grey Eyes

Many celebrities have stunning blue grey eyes that captivate people. Some examples include:

Celebrity Description of their blue grey eyes
Brad Pitt Icy light blue greys
Justin Timberlake Blue steel grey hue
Robert Pattinson Silvery blue shade
Mila Kunis Dark charcoal blue grey
Sarah Hyland Greyish blue with hints of green
Cillian Murphy Intense silvery grey blue

Many of these celebs are heartthrobs known for their stunning eyes. This demonstrates the strong allure and appeal blue grey eyes can have.

Makeup and Fashion Tips for Blue Grey Eyes

Here are some tips for makeup and fashion to make blue grey eyes pop:

Makeup – Coppery browns, golds, taupes
– Dark charcoal liner
– Black mascara
– Light nude lips
Clothing – Rich blues and greys
– Emerald and teal
– Silver and gold accents
– Crisp whites

These colors complement and intensify blue grey without overpowering it. Strong contouring and highlighting around the eyes also draws attention.

How Lighting Affects the Appearance of Blue Grey Eyes

The appearance of blue grey eyes can shift subtly depending on lighting conditions:

– Natural daylight brings out the blue tones
– Warm incandescent light accentuates the grey
– Bright light lightens them to icy blue
– Dim lighting makes them look darker and deeper

This changeability and luminosity makes blue greys even more stunning and multidimensional.


While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, blue grey eyes have a special allure and mystique about them for many people. Their rarity and complexity evoke an appealing sense of depth and mystery. They seem to combine the cool beauty of blue with the smoky richness of grey in unique ways. So for those who have these enchanting eyes, they can rest assured that many do find their blue greys exceptionally attractive and captivating.