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Are air optix colors good for dark eyes?

Having dark eyes can be beautiful, but finding the right colored contact lenses to make them pop can be challenging. Air Optix Colors contacts come in a wide range of bright, vivid shades and offer excellent comfort and breathability. In this article, we’ll explore whether Air Optix Colors are a good option for people with dark brown or black eyes.

What are Air Optix Colors?

Air Optix Colors are a brand of color contact lenses made by Alcon. They use advanced HydraGlyde moisture matrix technology to provide outstanding comfort and all-day wearability. Air Optix Colors come in a rainbow of vibrant shades to dramatically change dark eye color. Some popular colors for dark eyes include:

  • Brilliant Blue: Deep blue with a bright jewel tone
  • Sapphire: Rich blue with a teal highlight
  • Emerald: Vibrant green that makes brown eyes pop
  • Purple: Royal lavender hue with a hint of grey
  • Chestnut: Warm golden brown with added depth

Benefits of Air Optix Colors for Dark Eyes

There are several reasons why Air Optix Colors can be an excellent choice for people with naturally dark brown or black eyes:

Vibrant colors

The colors available with Air Optix go beyond basic hazel and blue. Vibrant shades like Violet and Caribbean Aqua can completely transform very dark eyes.


Air Optix Colors use patented HydraGlyde moisture matrix technology to keep lenses hydrated and comfortable all day long. This makes them easy to wear for long periods.

Smooth texture

The smooth, seamless surface of Air Optix Colors helps prevent deposits and irritation, two common contact lens complaints.


Air Optix has a high Dk/t ratio, meaning it allows ample oxygen to reach the eyes. This results in healthy corneas and minimizes dryness.


Air Optix Colors are durable and stable. The color is less likely to flake off or degrade compared to cheaper color contacts.

Easy handling

Air Optix lenses hold their shape well and are easy to insert and remove with minimal irritation to the eyes.

How to Choose an Air Optix Color for Dark Eyes

With so many vivid colors to choose from, selecting the right Air Optix shade can be fun yet overwhelming. Here are some tips for picking the best color for dark brown or black eyes:

Contrast is key

Colors like emerald green, blue, and violet will stand out beautifully against very dark eyes. Avoid brown or hazel Air Optix lenses unless you want a subtle effect.

Consider your skin tone

Cool-toned complexions look great with blue and purple based colors like Arctic Blue and Amethyst. Warm skin tones complement golden browns and greens like Honey and Forest Green.

Think about your style

If you tend to dress in edgy black clothing, a gothic gray like Stormy Sky could work nicely. For a boho look, try Earth Green or Amber.

Ask for input

Ask friends with fashion sense what shade they envision suiting you. Getting a second opinion can help narrow options.

Test colors virtually

Apps like Air Optix Virtual Try-On let you upload a selfie and digitally test out different looks. This can give you an idea of what complements you best.

How to Apply and Remove Air Optix Colors

Applying color contacts properly ensures the lenses stay in place and feel comfortable all day. Here are some application tips for Air Optix Colors:

Inserting Lenses

  1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Remove lens from case and place on tip of finger.
  3. Use opposite hand to hold upper eyelid open.
  4. Pull down lower lid with inserting finger.
  5. Look up and gently place lens directly on the eye.
  6. Release lids slowly and blink several times.
  7. Repeat process for second eye.

Removing Lenses

  1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Look up and pull lower lid down.
  3. Pinch lens between thumb and index finger.
  4. Gently remove lens with a sliding motion.
  5. Repeat process for second eye.
  6. Follow with proper storage and cleaning.

Avoid touching the inside of the lenses during insertion and removal. Always follow the wear schedule and cleaning guidelines from your eye doctor to prevent irritation and infection.

Caring for Air Optix Color Contacts

Proper care is crucial for keeping Air Optix Colors clean, safe, and comfortable. Here are some key contact lens care tips:


  • Use only approved contact lens disinfecting solution, NOT saliva or tap water.
  • Rub and rinse lenses with solution daily.
  • Occasionally clean with hydrogen peroxide solution.
  • Replace lens case every 1-3 months.

Insertion & Removal

  • Always wash hands thoroughly before handling lenses.
  • Don’t wear lenses longer than prescribed.
  • Give eyes a break with glasses 1-2 days per week.


  • Avoid sleeping in lenses.
  • Stop use if eyes become red or irritated.
  • Replace lenses as directed, usually every 1-2 weeks.

Following proper insertion, removal, and cleaning techniques will help keep Air Optix Colors comfortable and minimize the risk of complications like infection.

Cost of Air Optix Colors

Air Optix Colors aren’t the cheapest color contact lenses, but they are very affordable considering their outstanding comfort and quality. Expect costs in the following range:

Type Cost
Air Optix Colors 2 week disposables (6 lenses) $55-$75
Air Optix Colors 1 month disposables (6 lenses) $70-$90
Air Optix Colors multifocal (6 lenses) $90-$120

Prices vary based on retailer. Buying in bulk yields discounts. Insurance sometimes covers a portion with a contact lens fitting. There are also rebates and coupons available to help offset the initial investment.

Pros of Air Optix Colors for Dark Eyes

Air Optix Color contacts have several advantages that make them ideal for transforming dark brown and black eyes:

  • Vibrant colors – Air Optix palette has intense shades from Deep Blue to Violet.
  • Moisture retention – HydraGlyde technology keeps lenses hydrated for 14+ hours.
  • Breathability – High Dk/t silicone hydrogel allows ample oxygen to corneas.
  • Durability – Resists rips, tears, and deposits better than cheaper brands.
  • Comfort – Smooth surface and rounded edges prevent irritation.
  • Easy application – Holds shape well for quick insertion and removal.
  • Affordable – Lower cost than some competitor color contact brands.

Cons of Air Optix Colors for Dark Eyes

While Air Optix Colors have many benefits, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Learning curve – Insertion/removal takes practice. Mishandling can cause irritation.
  • Vision adaptation – Colors can slightly alter vision. Eyes adjust over 1-2 weeks.
  • Dryness – Some users report dryness after 8+ hours of wear. Rewetting drops can help.
  • Color availability – Selection not as wide as more artistic scleral lens brands.
  • Unnatural look – Obvious to tell eyes are colored. More intense than enhancement colors.
  • Potential complications – Improper use may raise infection risk. Proper care is a must.

FAQs About Air Optix Colors for Dark Eyes

Do Air Optix Colors look natural?

Air Optix Colors are designed to dramatically change your eye color, not mimic your natural shade. Most people can tell you are wearing contact lenses. However, some of the more nuanced colors like Chestnut and Seafoam Green can pull off a natural look on very dark eyes.

Can you wear Air Optix Colors overnight?

No, Air Optix Colors are daily disposable lenses approved for daytime wear only. Wearing color contacts while sleeping significantly raises the risk of eye infection and other dangerous complications.

Will Air Optix Colors damage my eyes?

When worn properly and cared for correctly, Air Optix poses minimal risk to eye health. However, complications like corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis, and vision changes can occur with improper use and poor hygiene. Follow your eye doctor’s guidelines closely.

Can Air Optix Colors worsen vision?

Air Optix Colors can temporarily impair sharpness, depth perception, and color perception as your eyes adjust. Vision typically stabilizes within 1-2 weeks of consistent wear. Stop use and consult your eye doctor if vision problems persist.

How long do Air Optix Colors last?

Air Optix Colors are designed as daily disposable lenses. The 2 week pack should be discarded after 14 days of wear. The monthly lenses can be worn for up to 30 days before replacement. Reusing lenses raises severe infection risk.


Air Optix Colors offer a fun, affordable way to change dark brown or black eyes to stunning shades of blue, green, violet, and more. Their vivid colors, moisture retention, breathability, and easy handling make them an excellent option for dark eyes. Just be sure to practice proper insertion, removal, and cleaning techniques. Consult an eye care professional to find the perfect color and prescription for bright, comfortable contact lens wear.